Saturday, June 12, 2010

What kind of eater?

DO you know who makes an awful eating companion? He is somebody who..

.. is not adventurous when it comes to food.

.. scowls when the soup is not burning the tongue.

.. curses when the rice is not soft enough.

.. wails when the waitress is not prettier than his wife. *ahem*

(Exaggerated details but you get the drift of what a fussy eater is..)

He is *drumroll*................

PAPAH! The most irritating self-claimed FOOD CRITIQUE!

(everybody ----BOOOO~~~~ BOOOO ~~~~~)

At the extreme end of the spectrum is his flesh and blood.

Presenting....*clap clap clap* MR. GOOLY!!!!!

(Pictures courtesy of Winn-iphone-lansi Photography)

See the joy on his face? See how he enjoys whatever food that is plonked on the plate? Granted, he is NOT that adventurous and cincai as me, but he still makes a good lunch/dinner date.

I am what, some people, would call "a dunno how to eat" person. I don't fancy chocolates and ice cream. Did I hear a gasp? Yeah.. I'm in the low low low percentile of 'chocolates-look-like-sai' group and "what's the big deal with ice-cream" association.

I also don't have a craving for anything. (Bags, yeah, but I can't eat those.Durh!) But I don't mind crossing the sea and swimming the mountains (note the disinterested tone) to go eat the hamchimpeang with you. Seriously, I won't mind. Cos I am happy when I see your oily mouths.

I like sushis and durians, though. Yeah, I like them. (I'm lacking passion in this area, do you notice?)

I have a friend who can find the nicest things to say about food. There was once, I brought some home-made chocolate cakes to her house for tea. The cakes were not very pretty - they were black and brown and resembled 'sai' (OK! OK!, I dunno why but chocolates look a lot like the remnants that I flush every morning!), but this girl took a bite and went, "MMMMM...... the texture is moist.. You can tell the baker had used good quality chocolates to bake these.."

I am sure she was just trying to be nice. She appreciated that I brought the cakes over despite them looking like 'you-know-what'.

Anyway, I went home reminding myself to be more like her - someone who looks out for good stuff to say instead of focusing on the bad. This is applicable for everything, not just sai cakes.

I have imparted that lesson to Papah. I really wish he can say nicer stuff at restaurants i.e those lights are so pretty.... the ice is cold and hard enough.. etc.

Ok, so what makes you go..."OMG.. I GOTTA EAT THAT *slurp slurp* OR I'D DIE AN UNHAPPY GHOST...."?? Do not say it's your own cooking, cos I'd boycott you (I am not a good cooker, and you musn't be also, to be fair,ok?)

(I know steamboat is on somebody's agenda.n :D)


tuti said...

i like that sai looking gunk you mentioned. on cakes especially.

Gargles said...

did you mean, the cupcakes i gave you looked like sai? huh? huh? huh?

*pose like ipman*

Winn said...

we had cheeseballs.pls tell goolypop we had 8 biji without him.

smallkucing said...

i also wanna eat like that la

BoeyJoey said...

i think QQ is like Gooly... anything goes, and with passion too! HQ is totally the opposite... very fussy!

i'm not too fussy too... can't recall any food that i don't eat... heehee, now don't cal me a glutton ok!

goolypop said...

tuti, yeah..but you can't have it :P

gargles, GAR sifu, ur skill where got so high? Nothing looked like sai also.

Winn, "ji sik nan fei' is gooly's reply.

Kucing, eat like what la? Gelojoh like gooly?

Bjoey, then QQ and Gooly ma can go buffet together lor? Then go slay dragon the dragon meat. Heheh..


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