Saturday, June 19, 2010

Piceah Rekod

I actually counted.. it has been almost 2 weeks since Gooly acted up. Almost 336 hours of peace for me. Thus, I think it's quite a feat for him since 'tantrum' was kinda like his middle name earlier this year. (Teehee, I gave him that nickname.)

Ah.. Gooly.. my huggy-bunny Gooly. What happened 2 weeks ago? I thought you would never ask. Suffice to say, there were very high decimal cries in a car for a good 15 minutes because he wanted to feed the stupid fishes who live at the other side of town, from where we were heading. But I am not going into details about the 'fish incident'.. Wait a minute.. I have told you everything! Such transparency!

Anyways.. sometimes I look at him and think, "Gawd.. I so so so love him. He is so cute! (I kinda wanted to say CUTEST but I wanted to be subtle too).I can't imagine not having him at all! I should have just let him fed the fish. "

See, I am now a holier than thou, my milshake is better that yours, self-sacrificial, no identity sucker soccer mom! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Run... run... It's too late for me... You can still save yourself from this ZEN zone!

Kidding... I will be heavily ovulating (whatever that means) right before 28th. Come back and check me out. I will be all monstrous and NORMAL again then.


Gargles said...

no need for you to mention 28th, we, the unwilling-followers-of-this-blog already noticed that when it comes to this date of every month.... junjun one..

here ,
here and, here

(saje take out all 28 posts... why u didn't post on 28th march? submit your full report deadline 3pm now)

goolypop said...

a few days before lah.. once the paip release the bendalir...then everything jiao ok jor geh..

as u can see, i was very normal on these dates wut...

(like i will leave evidence of my ovulation for u to sue me for child negligence)


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