Friday, June 25, 2010

Control Max

(I forgot to publish this post last month)

I came home . Gooly was standing at the door with the greeting of, "Ahmah gave me 5 dollars and I am going to buy a toy. Can we go now?"

D'oh! Why do grammas always do that i.e giving away money for no reason?

I said no.

He was upset.

I was ready for a meltdown.

But hey.. nothing happened.

He just cried a bit, controlled his usual temper to the max.

So I said ever so kindly, "Alright.. you want to go to Pasar Malam?"

D'oh! Why do mummies do stuff like that i.e being fickle all the time?

But then he changed his mind, saying that he should really save the money instead.

This is a worthy piece of memory. My boy practicing self restraint! Like finally!

(Aiyah.. I know lah. Pasar Malam toys are not very enticing.)

1 comment:

smallkucing said...

my anak likes to go "mayam"(Pasar malam). Coz gets to buy his favourite 225(Taufu fa).

good la gooly practising self ctrl


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