Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tadika Idol

Gooly came back from school yesterday, flashing a participation form at my face:


For a moment, my mind was filled with these words:" ocrap-ocrap-ocrap-ocrap-ocrap"


Again, the mantra of ocrap was repeated.

Why-o? You see, I do not exactly have a talent of any sort, except for maybe doing a darn impressive downward dog yoga pose. Oh, maybe nagging can be included in my resume.

And Gooly has not attended any skill-ed classes. Let's see what he can do:

a. breakdance - but I reckon his moves are for You Think You Can Dance, not suited for kindie level

b. BMX stunts and sword swallowing - AXN materials, not for under 5 to watch.

c. singing - do we want the teachers and fellow students to go deaf with his rawk voice?


And I know kids are going for all sorts of classes now. They will impress the judges with their belly dancing, ballet moves, soprano voices and recitation of the Tang Dynasty poems!


"So what are you going to perform?" I asked meekly.

"I haven't quite decided yet.." he answered, totally oblivious of the ________ he will be facing.

It's all in the name of fun - I hear you saying?

Yeah yeah... I know.

I wrecked my brain and reckoned that his reading skill is pretty ok. So maybe he will READ-A-STORY.

And I will COACH him - To stand straight, full of confident, speak in a crisp clear voice, smile a charming smile, have eye contact with the audience (and throw in a wink for the judge) - a winning formula for a story-ready competition, you think?

Gah! Wish us luck!!

Note: He doesn't do skills a, b, c that well as I boasted.
Note 2: I suppose he can do magic too. But he likes revealing the secrets and this may endanger our lives.


BoeyJoey said...

i know i know! do his transformers transformation (neh... the one he went from a truck to a robot one!)... sure to impress! :-P

Sai-men Kowel Idol Judge said...

dun say i dun gib you tips, read stories from hkk's blog, sure win! hkk can tumpang glory too.

reanaclaire said...

my girl came back asking me to write up an essay for her public speaking.. i more Ocraps than u.. told her to write herself.. mum only interested in blogging craps..

smallkucing said...

American Idol Msian Idol astro Tadika Idol ah? wah say...what happen to the plain old story telling time and class performance?

Goolypop said...

BJoey, wah. i have to find that fridge box again wor...

Simone, who is hkk? Ham Kok Kai?

Claire, whats the topic? Maybe its HOW TO BLOG leh...

Kucing, they cancel story telling time and class performance cos kenot make money...Tadika Idol need to send in SMS to win lor...


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