Saturday, June 5, 2010


I was down with a serious bouts of achoo the other night and decided against the norm of bedtime stories with Gooly.

Albeit visibly disappointed, he understood the implication of being sick.

He sneaked out a little while later but I was too tired to ask why.

Only the next morning that I was told that he had actually gone upstairs, knocked on my mom's door and requested for a cup of water - a very tedious task, I must say. (He is afraid of the dark and the kitchen is pitch black.)

Based on my bad record, my mom asked if I had scolded him (again) making him afraid to ask me for a cup of water in the middle of the night. Yeah, I do scold him all the time, but I surely didn't the night before because I was too drugged, tired, sneezy, whatever. So I am pretty sure I didn't say, "Water? Drink what water? Go to sleep" or anything equally evil which I am capable of.

..Gah? Did I just reveal the evil side of me?


I asked Gooly about the water incident, wondering why he had gone to Nainai.

"You were sick. I know you need more rest."

Awwww... Is that boy the most considerate or what? *melt into a puddle of mucus and phlegm*

Also, I must say that every time he takes a cup of water for himself (during broad daylight), he fetches another for me, without me asking for it.


It's high time that I am treated like the Regal Queen.


tuti said...

really sweet. but the professor will say you are a task master who doesn't give her son water even, haha.

goolypop said...

tuti, the professor busy enslaving others.... :P

smallkucing said...

so sweet leh...

goolypop said...

small kucing, yeah.. dun eat him hoh? :D


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