Friday, July 2, 2010

Gooly lansi

I was telling Gooly that I will be going out for dinner with a bunch of friends the other day (sometime last month)

"Do you want to come along?" I always ask him that, to make him think AS IF he has a choice.

Eh.. wait, actually now he does. He can choose to stay home with nai nai. Before this, there wasn't an option (for him and me) cos he'd irk the crap out of my ahbu before I even reached the first traffic light. Now, abandoning him for a coupla hours is no problemo.


"Do you want to come along?" I asked.

"A bunch? How many is a bunch?" he queried. Geez! Looks like it's not going to be a simple 'yes-no' answer from him. He gotta ask all the relevant questions before he decides, right?


"7 or eight... I'm not sure," I tried to answer without a seething voice.

"Have I met them before?"

(Gawd!!! Gah!!!! Can I strangle you??! )

"Uhm...not all," I groaned, hoping he didn't notice.

"If they all want to talk to me at the same time, I can't answer all you know..." he prattled on.

Amboi! Perasan-nyer!

Whatever-lah. So are you going or not?


And today I realised that there was a birthday invite tucked in his school bag. An inaugural invitation. Gooly has never been invited to any school-friend's party before. So I called Sean's mom and confirmed our attendance.

Mana tau... That Gooly said, "I am not going.."

But why not???? (nearly added, "Do you know I have always wanted to go birthday parties at MC D and nobody, I repeat...NOBODY ever invited me?? Do you know how lucky you are??)

..which Gooly calmly responded, "You didn't ask me first?"


Gooly is very lansi, I tell you.


reanaclaire said...

LCLY ah? wonder where he got that from..

btw, can u email to me asap? got something good for u.. pls email me.. reanact(at)gmail(dot)com

BoeyJoey said...

yan zai sai sai... lcly ah? sounds like a teenager... hahaha!

goolypop said...

Claire, from you lorrr :D

BoeyJoey, ya wor.. Moga moga by teenager, he turns over a new leaf.....


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