Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thank you

Some of you know that I come in a package. Mother & son package. You see me, you see him. You eat with me, you eat with him. You get the drift.

Gooly said the other day that when I go out with my friends, I talk and talk and talk and talk. And he did the Wonder Girls gesture where they open and shut the fingers. You know? No?

Ok ok.. it's like how the lil kids do Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars?


So he said I talk and talk and talk..yak yak yak.. (imagine the hand gesture) until I forget about my own son - him.

So much so that he packs an army of toys into his bag-pack whenever I say we are going out for a drink with my friends so that he can entertain himself.

Poor Gooly.

I do feel sorry for him..but I still like to talk.

But I do have great friends who give him the attention. Like edamame who is genuinely interested in what he has to say.

I think it's amazing that someone else besides me thinks he is funny in an adorable way.


I know it's not easy when you have to QC your vocabulary when he is around.

It's also hard to answer his incessant WHYs.

It's nice that you look into his eyes when you talk to him.

It's cute to see you laugh and giggle like a little girl.

When you have your own kid or dog.. I swear I will be just like you, to them.



edamame said...


tuti said...

u tok and tok, he bring his toys. so clever of him, haha. great that he adapts. good boy.

Gargles said...

yalah.. you tok so much.. i wanted to talk to him but you also want to tok! (then again, our gossips are too juicy to be ignored, how to shaddup and talk to the lil guy, eh?)

p/s: gooly.. so sorreee, next time i date you, leave mahmee at home, ok?

goolypop said...

edamame, sajer

tuti. actually he still bugs me and wants so much to be part of the conversations..and always eavesdrops! gah!

gargles, next time u bring ur own toys and dun disturb us mother-son talking!


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