Thursday, November 5, 2009

How do you know when to change?

Long long time ago, I was told by a girl friend, "Wednesday is laundry day."

Not too long ago, another friend said something similar pertaining to fixed schedule for house chores - "Friday is the day I clean everything thoroughly."

I nodded intellectually during both situations, obviously pretending that I did those stuff too. Actually, I don't. I was perplexed at the sound of such seriousness for something as banal as housekeeping.

Out of curiosity, I ran a survey over on MSN:

Me: How often do you change your bedsheet? Once a week? When there are stains? When you can smell the stench?

Yup.. most of them said Once A Week (except for one who said, when my mom nags.)

Instinctively I responded - Once a week? How do you know when to change? Did your mama teach you? Cos my mama didn't. How often I change mine? Why do you wanna know? (I know, I am such a pain in the arse.)

This is my 4th year holding this position as the Household 'Charfityan', I am still trying to figure out things like, "How often does one change the bedsheet?" and "What about the curtains?" "Should I wipe the top of the electric meter box?" and "Crap, what do you mean we have to clean the inside of the cabinets?"

Mind you, I do know loads of trivia stuff like, 'Worms are Hermaphrodites'..but I just don't know how often I should change the damn bedsheet.

Obviously I am not doing a good job as a maid. Should I quit?

And be a princess instead?

P/s: I just learned that when you don't throw out the water from the spritzer after ironing, it will be colonized by little green martians called moss.


Kapitan Planet Sinkar said...

change bedsheet once a week??

come one! save water la! think about those africa people who dun even have clean water to drink! wash when dirty la, pleasssee!!

*go wash car*

goolypop said...

Kapitan, i suggest that you collect samples of water after washing ur Liverpooh bedsheet, and put under microscope. Then u know why the once a week ritual lah...

*dun wash ass..barn*

shoppingmum said...

I'm a lazy mom...I leave the bed changing responsibility to hubby, who doesn't do it once a week. :P

tuti said...

when got maid, according to her schedule, cos i don't dictate basic rules even.
now no maid, according to whoever feels like washing.
if according to me, when i start to scratch lah. ewwww

reanaclaire said...

me once a week affair, i mean bedsheet, as for the other chores, when dust overflows, then only i wipe.. but most times, i cannot see one.. turn a blind eye (not deaf ear)

goolypop said...

shoppingmom, lucky la you.. where did you shop for ur hub? :P

goolypop said...

tuti, ewww... but we are still married *scratch ur back* Not itchy also scratch..

goolypop said...

claire.. got affair.. claire got affair..!! (Thats how rumours start, u know...:P)

Gargles said...

bedsheet only mah, not bedshit. why need to wash? dirty meh?

goolypop said...

gargles.. ha! this time paling normal is you.. do continue sleeping in shit.. its so cool!

(lichi nei jung ng jung jiu??)

Gargles said...

you taught me bedsheet/bedshit ..

(now my turn to see got diamonds in the sand anot)


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