Sunday, November 8, 2009

Quote of the day

In the car, Gooly and Ada were having a conversation only two of them could understand. Well, actually Gooly was monopolizing the whole conversation. Like this-

Him: Look, my eggs are hatching. They are baby dinosaurs. Oh, pterodactyls are coming to eat them.. Can you take care of them, Ada? You become the mother, or grandmother..or father.. or sister..

Her: But..

Him: No.. you listen to me first. I have something important to say.

And he went on for another 3 minutes (minimum) at bullet train speed about those damn flying dinosaurs. Ada looked like she was listening. I began to salute her for her ears' ability and patience to endure such noise pollution.

Finally, when Gooly stopped to breathe for air..she said, in a meek voice:

Sometimes when you talk so much.. you make me sleepy.

Bwahahahhahaha... gotta love her. She actually allowed him to finish his yawn-winning story before she conceded her awfully-true-to-the-guts opinion.

And what was Gooly's response?

Oh you are? Sometimes I am sleepy too..then I have to take a nap.. Bla.. blaa..blaa....

Gawd! Earplugs puhleeeeeeze~


reanaclaire said...

so ....that is what they usually talk about.. so cute.. hmmmm.. i love to be a kid again, goolymama..

oh gosh, i m asking for trouble, i know what u r thinking.. u will say that might be possible in another couple of decades from now, right???

tuti said...

hahhaha, so cute. kids don't take offense, it's good to learn from them.

Gargles said...

aiyoh.. gooly so like you laa... same same aje.

goolypop said...

claire..if u know what i am thinking, then i am not gooly mama lur..

i say - that might be possible in another life lah! How u wan to be a kid again in few yrs time leh? Imposibibleeeee!

goolypop said...

tuti, ya.. we also dun take offense the time you said i should be in a straight jacket and put in a cell...

REmember???? :P

goolypop said...

now gargles.. u should be put in jail for that statement..

Harumph! I shall look out the window (again) when you wan to talk to me.

Gargles said...

but when you looking out the window, you are still talking to me leh..

goolypop said...

gargles.. ya..that way u cant look at my butt anymore.


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