Thursday, November 19, 2009

Totally related

First stop, what he doesn't like. Cotton candy. Who does? It's so sticky and sweetie and yucky. Look at his forlorn face when someone kind shoved this gluey junk to his face.

He likes popcorn though. Sweet/salty - whichever. He doesn't mind at all. What I like? His dangling legs. :D

Especially when he sits over the loo. Feet dangling and swinging and mouth yapping at the same time. Totally charming.

I also like it when the wind blows on his face while bubbles afloat around him. And when he reads a book in a book shop, with his lips protruding and brows furrowed, deep in concentration.

What I also like is the stuff I bought lately. Even though I have a modicum of male hormones, which often leads to being labeled as having an attitude problem the magnitude of a C-4 explosion, I do like cutesy stuff that make many puke.

If you haven't noticed, I am a big sucker for bows.

and paisleys and lil flowers and butterflies.

It's SICKENING, I know. Oh, and you should know, I'm quite plain in KL. Yep, I'm only crazy and revolting in places where the chances of meeting someone I know is close to NIL.

Forgive me. I am just a man stuck in a woman's body in a man's mind in a woman's mouth and heart.


Gargles said...

I like bows too. And ribbons. Totally make me go gaga. But I'm 100% a woman. So I'm forgivable. But you are a man. Why you put a bow on your head?

tuti said...

so you are a mer-man ah? confusing lah. to think that i slept with you. bleh.

shoppingmum said...

I like your purchase, all of them. :) Frankly, I'm like you too, I am quite plain back home and only dare to try "new look" here in Bangkok, maybe I always thinks that no one knows me here. :P

Gooly 6 yrs old said...

Gargles, you lady gaga meh? Why you copy me? ppl like, you yau like..

gooly is more confused said...

tuti, that nite was one nite stand jek. Dun bleh. I didnt shave that day.. so I didnt cheat you ar.. I was a woman in a mans body that time.

Gooly shops too said...

shoppingmum, ya ya.. Bkk is our shopping and safe haven. Can wear anything, everything.. and no one says anything.. Well, maybe they do and we dont understand.Kakakka. Thats the whole point!

sinkar bao daiwok said...


pondan said...

sinkar, mm hai dong nei gum hoe king! Same species!

BoeyJoey said...

Love your peep-toes and your bags!!! Me too, like girly stuffs a LOT! :-D


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