Monday, November 23, 2009

A beautiful morning with a broken foot

This morning, I caught him playing by the balcony while waiting for me to send him downstairs. His robotic sound effects are ridiculous for me to imitate ergo I shan't. Once a while in this corner, he looks out and proclaims "What a nice day, mom." That's my favourite spot too, except that I reign on a higher chair and usually with a cuppa.

Oh see his slippers? He is not wearing the usual sneakers to school today because he hurt his right foot. He is limping slightly and a bruise is evident. I think his foot got jammed in the bicycle tyre and..erm..he dragged the foot on the road while the bicycle was still moving.. err.. something like that. I mean that's what he told me. Not that I understood what he was saying. Baaah! Boys! They are so accident prone. Or is it just him? How can you get your foot jammed in the tyre? And why did you drag your foot on the road? To create sparks?

*hyperventilating* Never mind~

With your condition like this, you are not to run or jump around like a monkey in school, you understand?

Yes, mamah.. I know, mamah.. I understand, mamah.

Yeah right~ Look at his monkey face. He can't stand still even for a sec. He would probably organise a limping race and win it.


shoppingmum said...

Hope that his foot will be alright soon and he's back to hopping!
BTW, I wonder if u know other M'sian bloggers who stay in BKK? So far, I only know a few, including you. :)

tuti said...

he is a happy boy, mamah.
you are one good mother for instilling all this in him. it is going to equip him much better in this horrid world. opps.

Gargles said...

cycling is hazardous, don't try this without any professional guidance or help.

-President of Global 2-Wheels Union.

goolypop said...

hi s. mom, hmm..unfortunately, no. There is you whom I have not even met.. and Eagle Wings. Met her a couple time before she left. Well..thats it. Anyone else you wan to intro? hehe..

goolypop said...

tuti, what i instill ah?the skill of braking bicycle with handbrake and not using feet ah? teehee..

goolypop said...

gargles, cycling is only dangerous when when the rider is part of the circus freak show, such as your self.

Otherwise, it is relatively a healthy and fun sport.

- President of BMW Baisikel

shoppingmum said...

Oh, Eagle Wings, I know her blog, but never met her before. Still reading her blog and knowing that they are fine in KL now. :) So far, I only know 2 more Msian in the city, and another one in Rayong. He has a blog and we met before. Very nice family.

goolypop said...

s.mum, oh i forgot.. Haha. I do know Tangachi and his sister , Tangasoh. Met them once too but that would be last yr.

coffeesncookies said...

ho ! ho ! ho ! limping race.. you are right.... they just can't keep still, hand, foot , mouth and all. Now I play the "See Who Can Keep Quiet Longest" game with my girl. LOL !

goolypop said...

c&C, how to play one? The quiet longest is loser ah? :P


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