Friday, November 20, 2009

When he is taller

The other day, Gooly wanted to whisper something in my ear. So I bended my body over to reveal some cleavage . At this point, Ada's mom ogled at the valleys said something about 'oh my, in no time he will be taller than you.'

Our height difference is not that great, to begin with. He is already more than half my height. The 'goolypop' otherwise boringly known as the navel is the mid point, right? So when I bended over, the notion of him catching up soon in terms of tallness was obvious.

I left the park with the nagging feeling of, 'oh my, in no time he will be taller than me.'

And then what?

I won't be able to pat, dry, smell and kiss his head.


This I shall remember:

Everytime he finishes bathing, he towels himself dry except for the hair. He comes to me for help. He likes his hair dried in a certain way. First, he drags me to the bed and asks me to sit down. Then his head is parallel to mine. He doesn't like me standing over him wiping his hair, cos he is usually talking during this routine, and I am not giving him the eye-contact when I am towering him, I think. So he continues yapping away, while I towel dry his head, sometimes gently, sometimes in a fast motion to make him giggly. But always face-to-face. When his hair is no longer dripping wet, he always ..always.. pushes me to the bed backwards and rolls around for awhile, laughing hysterically.

It is irritating at times. And I'd say, "TSK! Come on..hurry. Pakai baju or you will catch a cold."


It won't take long for a little boy to be 5 feet tall, eh? By then he will be taller than me. (I think I am 1cm short of being 5 feet.)

On that note, I shall ..

Hug him a lil tighter
Hold him a lil longer
Squeeze him a lil harder
Smell his head more often

And just let him push me to the bed.. (no matter how irritating it is now)

Now, where did his succulent fingers gone? They were here two years ago! Ah.. The lil things I miss about him..


tuti said...

so quickly tie him to the cactus tree before he ties you instead. :P

Gargles said...

this pic of gooly got enlarged and framed up anot? too cute, too cute.

goolypop said...

tuti.. yerr.. why you like that. Now no hot sun ah.. must wait until hot first. :P

goolypop said...

gargles, i got the other one which he pouts on the fridge. haha. Hmm.. this one kena buat bunting kan? Banner..gantung kat LDP...

BoeyJoey said...

Hey, about Gavin's card drive, I only got to know about it from Claire's blog. Good that Claire blogged about it and must thank you for spreading the word :-)

I love your humor, your perspective through your writing and how you appreciate your little gooly :-D

Gooly welcomes u said...

Bjoey, ya I blogged abt Gavin too n sent them the cards. :-) thnx for coming by. I enjoy ur tales too.


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