Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Last Friday, I started the morning with a meaningless discussion with the "Muvi King" on the movie "Jennifer's Body" which put me in a jolly good mood.

Despite it being Friday the 13th, another thing happened that put another smile on my face.

Thnx so much for the books. Sorry I only saw them today cos I wasn't here yesterday. The kids made something for you to say thank you!

I received that message on FB.

You see, I asked the teacher to help make some Christmas cards for a charity drive. The kids in her class did a marvelous job with the cutest snowmen and pine trees. As a gesture of appreciation, I sent over some pre-loved books to be placed at the corner of the classroom. And whadaya know.. the kindness bounces back with a nice card that warms my heart.

And also, not too long ago, I went into a bag shop and found out that the amicable owner shares the same name as me. I left without buying anything as the bags were pricey. I did leave my number with her though. And she called me one fine day, informing me that a key chain has been made for me. How strange (in a nice way)!

Anyways, I was just nearby yesterday, and decided to pop in to say Hi, not sure if she still remembers me. Well, she does...and she actually kept the key chain for me. A bling bling key chain with the word C.O.A.C.H. Not authentically Coach of course. But who is complaining? It's very very very bling and cute! I will snap a pic of it one of these days..

Alas I didn't buy anything again. I was poor the first time, and poorer the second. But she was still nice to me. And even thanked me for coming by.

I was so happy that I went on to buy two pairs of shoes. (Totally not related, eh?) :P

How was your weekend? Another is coming! Yay!


Relativity Sinkar said...

this saturday is the last 6th saturdays for 2009(totally not related, too)

gunitaufupok said...

relativity sinkar,

are we related? or are u related to gravity?

(lagi tak related)

Time Series Sinkar said...

yesterday is hao por lin's bday..


Gargles said...

(sangat elated)

yay! going to yunting this weekend and watching 2012 also.

goolypop said...

u two are hated, fated and out-dated..


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