Monday, November 16, 2009

Throwing Tantrums

Every Friday, we receive a weekly report from the homeroom teacher.

It has always been positive (His work is excellent in all aspects, his attitude towards his friends are very positive, he will have no problem coping with lessons for this year, etc.) until...

Deng deng deng...

"I noticed that he has been throwing a lot of tantrums this week. This has to stop."

Imagine my shock when I read that. And it was a roller coaster ride of feelings hereinafter:

a. disbelief - My son? Showing tantrum?
b. sadness - My son? Showing tantrum?
c. denial - My son? Showing tantrum?
d. anger - Why did you say that?
e. crazy - You say that again, I'll punch your stupid face.
f. interrogative - Gooly, did you show tantrum?
g. cool - Maybe the teacher didn't mean that...
h. doubts - Maybe the teacher DID mean that..

And so on and so forth.

I have to say, the note was written poorly. Cases were not cited as examples of Gooly's outbursts, if indeed, there were any. And if the teacher did reckon his outbursts in class were uncontrollable, he should have spoken to me personally about it, instead of just dropping a comment like that.

So it was a restless weekend. Heaps of emotions were toiling inside me.

I cleared my mind a little by talking to friends online asking for suggestions and opinions. I was indecisive whether to highlight the teacher's unconstructive comment to the principal. But I also know that I had to be careful with my choice of words as I don't want them to mistaken my points.

I was aware that the school will most likely believe that I am the sort of mom who CANNOT believe or accept that her child is imperfect, which is not the case. Yes, I was in shock but if you could just tell me what happened in class, then I would understand my son better. And we can work together to solve his outbursts problems (if there were any.)

Ho... my heart was so painful. I was worried sick, angrily mad and crazily angry.

But!...... this has taught me a lesson, which is:

Yeap.. Gooly is just a child. He can misbehave. Now it's tantrums. Next year may be stealing. And the next, kissing a girl without her permission?

It's best that I am prepared for all his shortcomings. And be calm. And keep reminding myself that, he is just a kid after all.

That is the most important lesson I learnt from that stupid note. That is all I cared, seriously.

I will not go in detail about what I said to the teacher and the principal.. Let's just say, if it was a court case, I might have been warranted a few thousand dollars as compensation (for all the defamation, heart ache and other emotional turmoils.)

P/s: As it turned out, the teacher misused the word 'tantrum'. He meant that Gooly was more teary than usual when things didn't go his way. Yes, Gooly a 'hampao'..that we already know. He is not a tantrum person. He doesn't punch walls and scream his head off. He also doesn't stomp his feet. *roll eyes* WATEVA! Gosh! Teacher, use your dictionary and brain to check the meaning of a word before you use it. #*(@&$)@ But I am so-over that angry period.. and I don't want to stay angry. I have made my point - be constructive when giving comments about your pupils. Having said that, if you misused another word, I will shove the blardy OXFORD Dict. up your you-know-where.. Now, that's what you call a tantrum, mister.........


tuti said...

can understand your shock.
glad the mystery got cleared up.
since you are always diplomatic in your approach, i was sure you would handle it appropriately. before i read till the end of your post lah.

now pay me for having full faith in you.

goolypop said...

wah tuti.. can almost hear you shouting: PLACE UR BET! PLACE UR BET! WILL SHE BLOW HER TOP? YES OR NO? LAST CALL.. DING DING!

I think many will say yes.. so i am sure you won lots of money..heheh. So no nid pay u lah..

(But i also know that the persons betting are yourselves since you like to talk to youtself. So who win jek? :P)

Prof Sinkar said...

i quote from a dictionary*:

tantrum(n): the drums between 9th and 11th.

example: Ah Kiang used to have leventrums but now only left with tantrums after one of it got stolen by Fook Chye.

*edisi hari pancaragam sedunia

toughcookie said...

haiyoh i would go berserk la for a teacher to not know the meaning of tantrums. how to teach la like that. hehe emo.

Gargles said...

what a lame excuse he used! and you fell for it?? how can??? he meant to insult you la! go, sue him! take him to the courts! don't let him off the hook another time! die also must protect gooly's name!

(can we bring popcorns out now?)

math whiz gooly said...

Prof sinkar,


i tot it was a mathematics formula? tantrum = the square roots of an eleventh hundredth number?

What to do.. said...

beskot, thats why lah. they give a note on a friday, so u have 2 days to cool down..kekekke.

Have to be more diplomatic lah.. nanti our kids pulak yang suffer kan.. Semua budaks dapat 2 biskuits, anak kita dapat satu jer.. How?

Emo lagi said...

Gargles.. u talk somemore, i drag u to badminton court, put you on the hook, and and.. and... shove you know what up your you know where..

(see lah.. I emo now..where were you when i needed you ah?)

reanaclaire said...

si fook sai.. phew..

so..during the weekend, i'm sure u fun mm kau, sik mm lok, right? take it as a blessing in disguise, sure have shed some kilos here and there..


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