Monday, November 9, 2009

Weird humour

So the other day.. a friend wondered how I could stand Papah being away so often?

I droned away the well rehearsed lines in a robotic mode - i-am-used-to-it. it's-due-to-unavoidable-circumstances-that-he-has-to-travel. i-have-long-accepted- and-understood-his nature-of-work.

I reckon it was a little bit like answering one of the judges questions in a beauty pageant (for my level, it has to be at least Ms. World...).

You know.. answering the right way like this -

What would you wish for for Christmas?
I would like WORLD PEACE! *flashes sparkly smile*

*judges nod and audience clap*

I wasn't lying when I answered my friend's question, you know. What I said was partially true. Not the entire truth cos there are times that I didn't want to be understanding. There are times that I sit on bed and go wawawawawa, why is papah going again? But most of the time I am subdued in manner. Why did I skip the wawaawawawa part when answering my friend's question?

I donch know!

Maybe I am carved out to be a Beauty Queen - diplomatic, predictable, unoriginal (like sinkar's Dvds) and boring to the core?

Either that or I am just a bloody liar.

And a hypocrite.

Anyways.. for conversation sake, I reiterated the topic to Papah - what my friend asked, and what I have answered.

He nodded a bit, with his fingers scratching his protruding chin and replied, "Good girl.."

WUT?? Gud girl?? You gotta be kidding me. That's not in your script. Check and read your next line again, papah.

Movie title: What A Good Wife
Scene 1/take 2

Mom : So I told her, that I am used to it. Not that you want to travel all the time. If you could, you would want to stay with us. I still love you..

Papah : Gee, wife. You are a gem. What would I do without you? Let's go get you another new bag.

Teehee..humour. What do I do without it?


shoppingmum said...

I like the last line. But I know my hub will NEVER say that line. :P

Mabel Low said...

Hahaha! I've never heard my dad say that to my mum. Perhaps it's so very rare for married men to say such things?

Gargles said...

continuation of movie "what a good wife":

mom: aww... you are such a darling, don't be silly, I don't need another bag. Those words are more than good enough.

papah: good girl!

(still ends with good girl, you see!)

the end.

(same ending, papah only cut the conversation short for you)

goolypop said...

shoppingmum, thats why they need scripts.. you need to draft one like mine. Haha..

goolypop said...

Mabel.. ya.. in real life, married men dun even talk to their wives..


goolypop said...

gargles, you are not carved out to be a script writer like me.. pls go try ur luck at something less hard, like going to the moon..

(no matter what we say to each other we are still bb..we pinkie swore with boogers jor)

tuti said...

love does wonders.
oh i am so boring again with my comment.
but really, love does wonders.
makes us accept (almost) everything.
bag or not bag.
now be a good gal and go cook a scrumptious dinner.

goolypop said...

oei tuti.. its his turn to be gud boy leh...i oredi answered Ms World-ly with regards to his lack of presence in the house wor.


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