Monday, November 9, 2009

Once upon a time..

in 2007

he was a cute lil boy. as cute as button mushrooms

a great company to be with

with the cutest brightest smile

don't think he talked so much then

as happy as a lark at all times

with squeezable cheeks and butt

Well, maybe not. He may already been annoying, noisy, talkative, bossy then. But these pictures sure don't tell much of those nasty bits.

Currently I think he is annoying, noisy, talkative and bossy. But next year or the year after next, in retrospect, I will probably think it wasn't that bad after all.

The question now is should I delete this post which will remind me that pictures can be deceiving indeed?

Ops..too late. The 'publish' button wins.


tuti said...

hahha, growing pains for the mahmee as well.
i understand.
we all cannot stand the one we love sometimes. opps, published this comment .. too late too. hehe.
(that's outward declaration of love, shy mah)
and no, there is no reason to cannot stand you. just ribbing you.

Gargles said...

meimei again...

"owen hoe leang worrr..."


(this time i want sweets and chocolates and ice-cream and noodles)

Winn The Sinkar said...

the 4th picture..

issit taken during WINTER in bkk?

goolypop said...

tuti, eventho i snore, and snort? and have hairy armpits? U still larp me?

goolypop said...


aww..mei mei.. U are no. 1! Why ur mummy kenot be more like you? :P

(this time i really have to give sweats and chokes and i-scream and doodles)

goolypop said...

wind the sinkar, excuse me.. ALLLLLL taken during winter in bangkok next yr..


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