Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sleeping with a shadow

A few mothers have told me that they share the same problem situation, which is..

..when the little ones sleep with us, they need to be in close proximity . The gap between us and master/missy allowed will be 2mm. No mater how we bark at them to move aside or shove them to the side of the wall, they will still inch their way to us.

Classic case of 'lai sei ng jau.'

It's darn annoying, y'know.. especially on a stuffy nite, and for one who may be claustrophobic such as myself (self-diagnosed).

Still, it's the same ritual every nite.

Gooly arranges his pillow with caution - the side touching mine. He plops down, and wriggles his way till any of his body parts has contact with mine.


He rolls over the other side albeit reluctantly. And then ..

..tap tap tap.. I feel his little toes on my toes! Or his pinkie resting on my shoulder! He just has to touch me, y'know.


It has been like that for a long long time. I have arrgh-ed, sigh-ed, ish-ed, shoved, pushed and kicked. I have even used a bolster to mark our territories - your side/my side. But miraculously in the middle of the night, he is 2mm next to me again.

Then last night, out of the blue, with his little hand touching lightly on my arm (I think he was finger-walking along the flabby arm), he said:

"I like to hold you when I sleep. Your skin is soft and smooth."


And just like that he drifted off to sleep- his hand on my arm.

I didn't dare to move.

Well.. for 2 minutes. :P


Merdeka Sinka said...

send him to boarding school!!

tuti said...

quite sweet actually.
enjoy it while it last.
you know he'll grow up too soon one day. ;)

goolypop said...

merdeka, boarding school very bored one wor.. . And also boared wor..and broad leh..


goolypop said...

tuti, ah.. i have been telling myself that for 3 yrs oredi.heheheh.

reanaclaire said...

a question no one dare to ask yet..... where is the papa gooly?

goolypop said...

claire, chisor...


Gargles said...

well, i guess it's at least consoling that he holds your hand to sleep, instead of papah's hand and telling him "your skin is smooth and soft", hoh?

goolypop said...

eh.. papahs hands gey smooth gaa... hari hari sapu brylcream..


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