Sunday, March 7, 2010

When they boys fight..

Can I play with it for a while, Harry Potter*? Please? Just a while then I give it back to you, ok?




*starts bawling* YOU ARE SO MEAN!


Gooly is not the one saying NO! He is the one crying all the time when Harry Potter wouldn't share. What is the problem here, can you tell me?

1. Harry refusing to share despite polite requests from Gooly?


2. Gooly's insistence on playing with the same toy when there are boxes of other toys?


What do I say?

I am so tired of - Gooly, there are other toys cos the answer is a always...always a whiny BUT I JUST WANT TO LOOK AT IT FOR A WHILE.

I am so bored with - Harry, share..which the guaranteed reply is NO! (At least he is not so long-winded)

So I log in FB and pretend I am deaf, and wonder if I should create a group called, "IF YOU WANT THAT TOY, I WANT IT TOO, CHUI-MEH?" There will be two 'fans' at least, for sure..

*Harry is Gooly's cousin who may know magik and whose favorite word is NO!


Mamapumpkin said...

How old is Harry Potter? I would get Gooly a cool gadget that Harry will certainly want & 'pakat' with Gooly not to share it (& explain to him that not sharing this time round is just to let Harry have a taste of what it feels like when people don't share) & let Harry have a taste of his own medicine! Hehehe...but I'm mean that way! I always feel that kids will have to learn that every action has a reaction and a consequence so perhaps if Harry really can't share, tell Gooly it's alright. We can't have everything in this world our way & if Harry does a boo-boo, someone else will boo-boo him one day! Remind Gooly he doesn't have to follow Harry's behaviour & that u're so proud of him that HE knows how to share but unfortunately, not everyone is as smart or as kind.

Sinkalan the Piss Ambassador said...

what happens to the 'sure-work' method of fighting?

'if you can't have it, BREAK it!'

YAT PAK LEONG SAN!! Mai lei gu..!

Gargles said...

no nid break geh... when he's sleeping, go and hide all the toys laa... even meaner that way!

(dunwant to see harry potter, nanti he waves his magic wand at me)

goolypop said...

mamapumpkin, harry is 3. Hmm..what would be a cool gadget.. an underwater camera!!!.. well.. i have been wanting that...

goolypop said...

sinkalan, judging fr ur tone.. Barney was never a part of your life.. i pity you..

goolypop said...

gargles, the toys so many like toysirus... how to keep lah?

(acherli like pasar malam)


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