Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gooly main masak masak

When we go to Ikea, Gooly goes to the play area. But sometimes the place is deserted or it's jam packed with kids. And then we will abandon the idea of playing there and proceed... the kids' furniture area.

..where he with the kiddy kitchen cabinet.

Ooooh.... the joy he has when he plays Restaurant City where he is the Chef, maitre' D and cashier.

I am always the customer naturally which I don't mind, really.

I order sushi, siew mai, ckt, coffee, ice kacang and such.

I like the siew mai he makes cos he adds meat with a dash of pepper and salt and carefully wrap them up and steam them. (I don't know how he knows the recipe.)

And then he always give great offers like free coffee.

And the price is darn cheap. It's always 1 cent for the whole meal. *grins*

And the service is quick and good. I hear "Thank you and please come again!" everytime I pay.

Even the name of the establishment is catchy - Ching Chong Ching Restaurant.

I am so tempted to buy him that cabinet. But it's so expensive!!

Anyways, for conversation sake, I asked him, "What if people tease you saying that cooking is for girls?" (True enough cos that's what my sister told him.)

He looked up the ceiling and pondered.

"I won't care!" he shrugged.

Attaboy! Good to hear that! Now gimme the hammer and nails, I will just construct the whole cabinet for you..

Right here.. in this house of NO gender stereotyping!

(Ok, before that.. where to get papan?)


tuti said...

well, he's gonna be a better cook than you. happy? hahaha

goolypop said...

tuti..but but but..he knows theory only worr...You want to sample his real cooking ah? hehe.

Gargles said...

his way of saying "mom, learn up how to cook siew mai faster"

Fashionista Sinkar said...

this shhld goes well with a flowery apron and a pair of red heels..

gunipok, i know what to buy for ur next bday jor!

goolypop said...

Gargles, his way of saying "mom sit back and relaxx..let me do all the cooking"

You dunno one lah!

goolypop said...

Sinkar Jimmy Chu

Nananana... you promise one ah. Flowery apron my mom got.. red heels I also have..

Yours is THE IKEA KITCHEN SET CODE 2394219304 at LORONG D 13......


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