Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Camping tips

We just bought the Little Miss collection in which one of our favourite misses is Miss Scatterbrain, but more commonly known as Miss Kamseng in our household.

In that story, Miss Kamseng brought an electric kettle during her camping trip.

"Hahahahha," Gooly laughed. "Silly Miss Kamseng!"

Even though we havent been camping before, I decided to challenge him nonetheles, "What should Miss Kamseng do to boil her water?"

"Well.." he began confidently and intellectually.

".. she should have bought a switch."

A switch?

"Yep..and a screwdriver to screw the switch in and then plug the kettle in."


"Inside the tent!"

I see.............

Who is kamseng now?! I don't think gooly can survive SURVIVAL JUNGLE 101~

#Kids' perspective can be darn pohseng kamseng!


tuti said...

no wonder lah, he is in prof. sinkar's class.

Prof Sinkar said...

tuti, IQ liddat not kolifai in my class ok..

correct answer is:

Build the tent inside the house. then can save the trouble of screwing the switch in the tent. remember, work smart, not hard.

*wink and show 2 thumbs up*

goolypop said...

tuti, yes.. he is in prof sinkar's class to debunk all his sai theories.

goolypop said...

prof sinkar,

i think it should be, build a tent bigger than the house and cover the house, then we can use the switch like a switch.

Remember, work redundantly is the key to success.

*wink and show cleavage*

Gargles said...

i say, build a 1-person tent outside the house and kick mahmee out there to fend for her own when she's pms-ing.

Mamapumpkin said... cute! I must ask Tessa & see what her theory would be. I don't remember Miss Scatterbrain? Must go look.

Mahmee...*wink & show cleavage*? LOL - you guys are too funny!!


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