Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gooly the laozhi

"Call me Peah Lauxhi."

Frankly speaking, it's either Peah or Peyek. I am not so sure myself. Peah, Peyek, Peyer... oh, could it be Pierre? Yes yes.. Pierre Laozhi.

He is darn serious about his teaching job that he makes his own wordsheets.

And I, the mother has to complete them. When I am lucky, I get the 'dot to dot' sheet, which I can connect the dots anyway I want. Sometimes I get the real tricky ones like writing chinese words. Blek.

And he stamps homeworks for me too (which I throw into the bin)

If I don't do them (which is usually the case), I get sent to the principal's office (who is him also.)

This is him teaching me.. I forgot what. As if I would listen to him. Teehee.

Oooh... I have a schedule to follow too. What's BMS? Darn! I wasn't paying attention again, was I?

This is the text book he uses. ANd his lecture begins with "God wants you to be rich.."

Hmm.. Those blokes.. are they god? Hmm...

Now I wish I had paid better attention!


Raynebow said...

I only faham "Gym" on that timetable wor - what are all the rest??

goolypop said...

the rest are B.I - Bhs Indon, B.I.S - Bhs Indo Selatan,and the numbers are numerology lor.

(Gym also I ajar one ok.. if not, one also u tak faham. hehe)

tuti said...

*clap hands!*
so clever!
i wanna attend his class too.
why u donwanna do his homework? set bad egzample wor! *piak* hahaha

goolypop said...

tuti..becos..becos.. very hard one his work sheet. Instruction is connect anyway you want..but then in the end can mark as wrong one!

tuti said...


Mamapumpkin said...

Oh, you are such a bad student! Shame on you!

Someone gave me that book (God knows why) as a present & it was the most boring book evahhhh!! I couldn't get pass the 2nd chapter & flipped straight through to the end. I think it's a rip off & they're just making money from innocent, lower educated, desperate people.


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