Friday, March 12, 2010

Gooly the teacher

Of late Gooly has been hallucinating playing this game of pretend in which he is a teacher (I think) with a bunch of..*ahem* students.

He takes this game darn seriously.

It started off with a notebook. The paper notebook. Not the type-perdy notebook. He carried it around with a pen slotted into the ring binding. And he scribbled in it with lots of 'info'.

What's that?- I had to ask, looking a page with some Swahili words marked with crosses.

"They are my students' names. See the x? They are absent today."

Oooookay.... I flipped some more and realised there were more identical writings - all intelligible. Here's the thing.. he is so anal about which page contains what details, though they all look like gibberish to me.

This page - students' attendance.

That page - students' addresses and telephone numbers

Page 48 - today's lesson plan

It was all very organised, I must say though only he could find and understand the info he wanted.

This morning, only two students turned up. The *ahem* teacher was mad that these two students didn't learn up the songs he taught yesterday.

And here I am..wondering why I even bother buying toys for this boy. All he needs is a notebook and a pen to play (for 3days 2 nights).


PS: You..yes you..don't simply say know what. Kids play like that wan..


sinkar said...


there, i said it.


tuti said...

he's very creative.
i said it.
*goes backdoor wait for sweets*

edamame said...

the making of a leader this :)

goolypop said...

sinkar, haunted.. oooh.. the muvi. I didnt watch..

(die die tukar topik)

goolypop said...

tuti, ha.. u r the best lah. Today no sweats.

(I also creative wat)

goolypop said...


"sure boh.."

(note the inverted commas ;)


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