Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gooly goes Standard One. Ekkk!

For weeks, I have been thinking - should..or rather, will Gooly be ready for Primary One next year? Is it really necessary to start him off a year earlier? Being born on 1st January, we were told that he had a choice to join the 2004 clan in Primary One next year.

So I thought.

And I asked.

And I decided.

The answer is NO.

We wont make him go to a proper school at age 6.

I went to the school to inform them of our decision.

At the registration desk, the man asked, "Why not? Rugiiiii ooohh if he starts later."

I said, "Tak pe-lah.."

He thought a while, scratched his head a bit and said," I always receive letters of appeal from parents whose children are born in the month of January, February AND March.. to join the earlier batch. They are willing to take the test, you know. And you don't want pulak. How ah? I never process a request like that before. You go in and talk to the principal-lah.."

And so I went. Knock knock, Mr Principal.

Before I began, the principal took the Birth Certificate, perused it and claimed, "No problem-lah! He will join the 2004 batch," assuming that my sole purpose of visiting him is to secure a place for Gooly.

I clarified,"There is a problem. I don't want him to join the 2004 batch."

Again, a look of disbelief.

Anyhoo..much to our disappointment, this arrangement is not negotiable. It has been determined by the Government that January 1st babies were to be admitted into schools a year earlier. It is not a choice . We had been misinformed.

And again, I was lectured about how OTHER PARENTS would want this opportunity for their kids to have a head start..and why would I want to complicate matters.


But I am not OTHER kiasu parents maaa...

Grrr...! 9 more months to prep Gooly for school.

Gooly, ni ker yi maa?!

Oh and a donation form was shoved into my face. That soon huh...Scary..


Gargles said...

duh! then why you fathiao go and stir trouble? go la next year march to register and start school in 2012, if principal asks why you no register earlier, you say dunno!

THEN, you get a CHOICE to go sg buloh or kajang prison.

Winn said...

woh shuo ni ke yi, ni yi ding ke yi!

Hunghing Sinkalan said...

schools are for napeks!

join the gangsters for a cool, fun and a more promising future. dun forget the unlimited income and girls.

goolypop said...

gg, i went fatthiao cos i heard the principal is lengjai..

goolypop said...

winn, jen der maa? wo yeh ai nii..

(this is all i can say - gooly, age 5)

goolypop said...

hanging sinkalan, got free sticker tattoo or not?

BoeyJoey said...

Mini Gooly starting school next year ah! Wah... so exciting yet so scary! My boy starting school in year 2012, at age 7. Hmm... i don't know whether u jeles of me, or i jeles of u...


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