Thursday, March 11, 2010

Never knew such l.o.v.e

When it was time to leave, Gooly (again) hung on to papah's neck and cried buckets.

Such a pitiful sight it was indeed. I had to pry him away.

And he asked me, "What can you do to make me feel better?"

Geessh! I wish I have a magik wand and make everything okay for you, Gooly. But all I have is a fat ass. Can I hug you instead? (edited version)

He clambered on me and buried his head on my chest and sobbed quietly. In between sobs, he managed a "I love my papah, you know?" and a "I'm missing him already."

I hugged him for a long long time. He stole glances everytime some people walked passed, hoping that his father has somehow changed his mind about leaving, only to be dissapointed, and started crying all over again.

We tried talking about happy stuff for a bit (like our holiday plans next week) and then decided on an impromptu art project.

I cut a heart out of a sheet of paper. His eye lashes were still wet with tears as he coloured it.

And he muttered,"It's for you, papah. I love you."

Well, papah married a very macho lady (me). I don't think I am tender as such.

I married also a macho man. He is not expressive as such.

What dya know? Our son is such an emo fella.

Thank you son. Never knew such love ..before you.

What a bittersweet feeling.


Sinkar Yao Kong Sisat said...

while the boy is still emo on the bed thinking abt his daddy and all the happy moments, the mum is busy blogging while the dad is having a beer somewhere in kaosan road..

what a happy family..

goolypop said...

sinkar..isnt that a scene from Ong Bak?

tuti said...

papah, how he take it whilst gooly clung like a koala bear on his neck? *sob* :(

CY said...

Haha. THis prof Sinkar ah, goolymama, loh geng or chang heng ah?


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