Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We miss the beach

Never knew I could be a beach bum. Perhaps it's his laughter..his smiles that make me wanna head to the beach.

Like all the freaking time.

Like today.

Like now.

Speaking of beaches, I was just wondering.

Say if you were leaving a parking space walking towards your car in an enclosed car park in a mall or something.. and you saw this other car driven by another lady.

..Do you point out to her where you have parked so that she could take over the space?

Like hell..we know that it's not safe these days to wander in car parks.

Hence, I do that all the time. Signalling to others the location of my parked car. Women should watch out for one another, no?

Much to my chagrin..not everyone think like me.


(I had wanted to write about beaches..but somehow digressed to bitches. Darn homonyms!)

So beaches anyone?


Winn said...

no i'm a bitch when it comes to bitches!!!!!!

sengkor said...

u guys better believe her..

goolypop said...

winn.. ok.. here..gantung one sai medal on your tail.. leng sai!

goolypop said...

sengkor.. omg! r u the sengkor that has gone missing in the caves? So how are you lah!


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