Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Milo talk

Today I had my period. Tmi, I know. But my kns period inflicted mood is officially over. Either that or gooly's happy tune of PAPA MAMA, XIE XIE NIE DI AI (mom dad,thank you for your love) really...I mean, really puts me in a jolly good mood.

And so we went for our usual tea session right after school. Gooly is always famished. It would seem that I hadn't fed him for 3 days.

We ordered a cup of milo - hot milo in a cup and saucer kind. And I suddenly remembered that my ahpa used to pour the milo into the saucer for me to sip (kinda like a cat) when I was younger. Was it so that I drink less? Or it has a cooling effect? I dunchno. But I did that for Gooly.

"This is what Gong Gong used to do. Pour some Milo into the saucer for me," I said, smiling. I was feeling all toasty warm inside. Nice feeling.

And then just to tease him a bit, I asked, "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

"No," he replied, with his milo-stained teeth. (He is not being truthful, is he?)

He bit the Roti Bakar and continued, "You should!"

I should, shouldn't I? And so I said, "I love you, son."

And he said, "Thank you for saying that," and smiled again his milo-stained smile.

Tea-time with Gooly is toasty-warmie. Nice.


Gargles said...

"have i told you lately that i love you" by rod? seems like you also in karaoke mood...

goolypop said...

whos rod?

(I don't do 70s songs)

Can we talk about Richard Marx instead?

tuti said...

looks like your son is teaching you a lot of things. :)
and i want milo too.
in a saucer please. thank you. *meow*

BoeyJoey said...

adui... i think i'm getting diabetes... you guys are so shweet! :-D

CY said...

See? I told u i am jeles also. U have other things that make me jeles.


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