Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giving free hugs

Mom.. I love you.

Yes.. I love you too. Now. Go. To. The. Classroom. *in a pained -patient voice*

Wait wait wait.. Gimme a hug.

*hug and push* BYE!!! See you later! I will pick you up at 4! *start walking away*

MOM! I love you!

SIGH! Yes. I. Love.You. Too. *robotic voice*

Given the scene above and enduring his reluctance to part with me, it's little wonder that sometimes I wish I could just drop him off at the gate.

Kiss - Drop -Vroooom style.

But nooooo..... I have to drive, park, walk, kiss, hug a million times, sometimes wipe tears and shout BAI BAI like a broken record. Sometimes I stop the car in front of the school gate and shout, "Ok, pakcik will open the car door..and you walk down. Quick! The car behind is waiting."

Yet he never got down the car.

And so I have to drive, park, walk and scold him to school.

On easy days, I like the routine. I mean it's nice to look at pony-tailed girls and boogerish boys and hear things like Gooly, your momma is hawt!

And sometimes I see those independent kids who are driven by 'auntie/uncle bus'. They don't get kisses and hugs. They stand around gooly and I when we perform our tamil-movie sayonara scene.

And yesterday, a little boy (sent by a gruffy looking van driver) came to me with his hand outstretched. Oooh.. I suppose he wanted a hug from me too. Since I am a hugger, I don't mind giving him one. And he pressed his cheek on my lips. That darling stole a kiss! Haha.

And then another came. Ooh.. I have hugs aplenty to give.

Then it was GOODBYE for the 100000th time with Gooly.

I left the school compound smiling and slightly dazed.

Gooly is so privileged, me thinks, to be sent and picked up from school with kisses and hugs.


BoeyJoey said...

Yes, Gooly is so privileged! And you too... you will miss these days when he outgrows the hugs and kisses phase (if he ever does) :-).

"Gooly, your momma is hawt!" Bila mau post your hawt piccies here for me to admire?!?!

Gargles said...

what the kids meant... you were sweating from head to toe everyday liddat, of course that means you are hot la. yeah, really damn hot weather these days.

goolypop said...

BoeyJ..I post my pic..u will chaat hung lau huet....... :P The key word which I convieniently forgot to add was 'IMAGINARY' words that i hear lah.. hehehe.

goolypop said...

gg, hawt and hot not same ok? Go dick-tionary there and find..

tuti said...

so nice!! all the kids love you!

goolypop said...

acherli..tuti. I am still waiting for IRis to hug me. So NOT all of them like my armpit smell..


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