Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sing song

The other night, while driving with the Moon following us, Gooly decided to serenade me. As usual, he thinks of the tune and words as he sings - a talent not many have.

When he sings his own songs, the words don't rhyme and the tune seems copied. Not that it matters.He often draws inspiration from his surroundings. That night as we cruised along trees, houses, lamp posts and cranes (not the birds, it's the big mean machine), he was very inspired, to say the least.

So how do you make a theme out of a song when it's dedicated to your own mom, and it revolves around trees, houses, lamp posts and cranes and MOON? Yes..the moon. It was an important element.

I tried to memorise the words. With its simple and 'rojak' theme, it wasn't too hard. I just have to remember the route we took and the things we saw. Of course some words may be missing or replaced. But the plot is there.

*Ahem. Here goes..

Oh wait wait.. (I feel a bit kancheong singing here.) He said the title of the song is "My heart, Your Love." Wow! Like WOW, right?

Ok ok..pass me the mike.

This song...
Is for my mom..
Because I love her
She loves me too..
She's loverish..

My heart...
Your love....
We love each other..

*Look out window, sees moon*
And the Moon is following us
But actually it is not
It is just too big

*The car passing by some houses*
The house..
It cannot move
Not like the Moon...
Cos it''s "PARKERRED"* on the ground with cement

I forgot the part about the cranes. Evidently, "parkerred" was created at the spur of the moment.

Right there..after the cranes.. he started screaming. A loud screeching chorus which I had no idea what he was saying.

I looked at him incredulously.

"It's a rock song," he explained.

Ooooooh........... My ears! My ears!

He started laughing. Tears spurting kinda laugh.

Finally he drew a breath of relief and exclaimed,"Mom, this is fun. I always have fun with you."

I do, too, Gooly.. (but not my ears this time.)

*hangs mike back*


tuti said...

such loverlish display of affections.
you might want to tape up some of these moments? ask him to sing at home. maybe you might have to prepare some make-believe props for trees, moon and parkerred cars on cement. :D

Gargles said...

Seems like he's ready for karaoke. Jom! I have practised my pieces enough times also.

goolypop said...

tuti..a lot of work leh. When you said tape.. i tot.. TAPE THE BUGGER MOUTH FROM SINGING...good idea wor..

goolypop said...

gargles, ur pieces are like "Long Pan, Long Lau..." I dun think they still keep these kinda songs in ktv.


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