Sunday, March 7, 2010

The baby within

Seated in the car, Papah struck a conversation with the usual, "How's school?"

"Oh very good! How's your business? Good?"


Talking to our 5 year old is alot like talking to a 50 year old.

And he always ends our telephone-conversation with, "Have a good business! Have a good day working!"

If not for his age-related innocence, I would have thought he was being sarcastic - like what? have a good day working? Nobody works and have a good day, mister....

Anyhoo, despite his ability to mimick adult conversations, there are moments when he reverts to being a baby.

Like when he crawled out of his bed in the middle of last night, and positioned himself like a curled-up prawn, 2mm away from his papah - his comfort and solace.

Ah.. the baby in him does surface.

..when it's night time.

..and especially when Papah is around.


CY said...

Is papah now in Msia now or still in Bangkok? Sometimes I dunno whether u r here or in KL or whether yr hubhy is in KL or in BKK. :)

Gargles said...

so 8 one you? both of them are now in alaska laa..dunno!

goolypop said...

cy, we are in alaska, japan.

gg, so 8 one you? now he knows where to claim his lost taifu which gooly took ..


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