Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So bored

To me.. the definition of childhood is the opportunity to feel bored...

So bored that you will talk to the dog whom everyone else ignore.

So bored that you will go talk to your grampa and ask loads of unimportant questions.

So bored that you will paint a hundred paintings and hang them on the toilet door for your momma to see.

So bored that you make up your own songs.

So bored that you are bored of the TV.

So bored that you check the fridge for miracle chocolates every few minutes.


I think Gooly has a very happy childhood judging from the list above. I just need to add one more here:

So bored that he bugs the bejeeeeeesus out of ME!


Gargles said...

i add one more.

so bored that you have to turn to reading peeper's moeliew blogs (mine not included)

sengkor said...

i add one more.

so bored until he can think of another 1,000 nicknames for his mommy.

goolypop said...


be more specific..if u dare.............


nicknames need inspiration and information and knowledge and strong command of a certain language..cannot depend on boredom.


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