Friday, January 15, 2010

Yip yip


Today is the 2nd day that he came home with a smiley face.

..and surprised me with, "Ini apa? Ini kerusi. Ini ayam. Ini meja..."

and also, "Siau pen you, wu ahn. Jeng laushi, wu ahn."

I'm mightily pleased.

Sometimes he misbehaves...or throws a gargantuan fit. I see a scowl. I hear loud cries. And I wonder in fear, "Where did that little sweet Gooly gone? "

And then just when I thought I had lost him, I would see that impish smile again. Hear the deep roaring laughter. Feel his gentle kiss.

And I'd know he is back.

This time, I know my Gooly is back to his usual self (saccharine sweet) when he asked to keep our two-heart necklace whilst he is in school. That way he knows I am with him, especially when he is unsure about what to do in a new environment. (i.e to kick the teacher when she threatens him with the policeman again OR remain silent).

At the classroom door, I remove the necklace and pass it to him. He pats it in his pocket. Sometimes he wears it and tucks it in his shirt, careful not to let his friends see that he is wearing a girl's necklace. (Don't worry, he doesn't have to expose his chest in class at the moment). After school, the first thing he does is to return it to me.

"Here ,Mom. You can have it back."

Call it a talisman. A charm. A mother's love. That he brings to school and thus feels safe and secure.

I regret not buying a better necklace for us. But then again, any other necklace will not be the same as this one (that I am wearing now) that he had specially chosen and is aptly designed. I don't know how durable this necklace is. But I do know that it will be a pity to lose it. It holds so many precious memories for us and had helped us through chimakan days.

Ah.. it's like having an heirloom in the family albeit a cheap one.


Iris said...

dear-dear !! what's in your pocket???? you say you will oi ngo yat sang yat sai wan! lei ngak ngo!!!!!

Gargles said...

he knows it's friday mah, no nid to go school for 2 days and can go swimming, eat mcd aiskrim and go gaigai... (he might even believe papah is gonna come home every weekend to see him!) *gasp*

anyways... on a more encouraging note, things are going to look brighter soon, no nid to call the 1800 numbers jor.

tuti said...

he is such a sentimental boy. so laam wor. next time donno break how many gals' hearts.
(i like such boys)

smallkucing said...

Sorry have not been visiting your blog for quite some time. He seems to have grown so much. :)

goolypop said...

iris, in my pocket? *put two hands inside pockets* Got eleven fingers...

goolypop said...

gargles, ooh..friday like keluar gaji day..same happiness one. :D

goolypop said...

tuti, break girls hearts have to pay or not one arr? Teang poe fai now how much? :P

goolypop said...

small cat, yawor.. ppl now got gf lorrr.....(I say one, he deny)

Sinkar Cares said...

ur blog title 'yip yip'.. r u refering to yip ji mei and yip yuk hing?

anyway, someday, he will need extra money to buy that pack of mamee in school and that necklace will be handy to be used as a collateral..

BoeyJoey said...

See, see... first time I came to your bloggie I already knew Gooly is sweet & sensitive inside wan!!! *pat ownself back* :-D

ps: he really kicked that cikgu ah? *tabik*

goolypop said...

sinkar carebears,


goolypop said...

boey & joey..ouch.. dun slap my back too hard wer...:P

No-lah.. he didnt kick lah. So dahsyat meh.. If me is a student who kena threaten ..*crunch koka kola tin* i will surely kick her!


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