Thursday, January 14, 2010


Just when life is rosy, it inevitably makes a swift left turn and throws shit at you.

We were king and queen, and him, the prince. Living in a castle far far away. With servants and knights. Swimming pool and rose gardens. Animals and coaches. (Hai ak.. exaggerate ak!)


Haih... everything is topsy turvy. From gallant prince, he became... a tyrant! And me, the Queen.. well, I am still the Queen lah. (Obviously still in denial)

Today is the 2nd week of tau tap tap ngan sap sap style of going to school. I had to let him keep our necklace in his pocket so that he feels I am with him during this difficult period.

I don't know if that works. But he hung on to it with such strong emotions. It was really like sending him off to RAKAN MUDA programme in the deep deep jungle called PANDORA.

We are going for KFC later. And will get the chicky meal with sampah toy. It's an encouragement technique, not bribery, ok?


Now, tell me, how were we banished from our kingdom again?


sinkar truthful said...

normally in modern days, the word 'queen' means tranny..

chao akua...!

goolypop said...

tranny..train wat one?

Gargles said...

you don't like our alaska-sceneries and sushi-spaghetti-cina-kongxi country? pengkhianat negara!

goolypop said...


im all for 1malaysia. dun give me alaska, sushi, spaghetti..dun contaminate us!


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