Thursday, January 28, 2010

School report

Actually...some time last week, Gooly has already grown accustomed to the new school.

The end.

Eh... after I wrote about all the sad tales, it would seem unfair to write a one-liner for the happier days, rite?

Ok... so.. since last week, Gooly has been very happy to step into the class room. No more tau tap tap, ngan sap sap. No more WWF wrestling championship with the teacher.

Afiq, Benedict, Eric, Iris, Angeline, Sean - the few names he had mentioned in good terms. And Cheng Lauzhi, of course. the bespectacled nerdy teacher who is quite blur and silai looking

I like it when he comes home with chinese songs like -

Jao jao jao, jai ger yi ker penyu (Find find find, find a friend) while waddling around like a penguin.

And then there is Bahasa -

Bangun pagi pagi pagi pagi
Gosok gigi etc.
(I think we have another version at FB which is waaaaaayyy coooler. Hics hics hics!)

I dunno... while I have already heard complains from other parents about the lack of homework, I am like so darn proud that Gooly is learning two additional languages. It's like WOW!

C'mon, parents..when do you stop getting the WOW feeling? You always say kids learn fast and easily..But still, whatever they learn in school is still an achievement, ok?

Anyways, while driving him to school today, Gooly kissed me on the head. I asked, "What is that for?"

"FOR LOVE~" he said.

Ah.. I like. I like that he is liking school once again.


Gargles said...

good progress wor..

ok, next week morning brekkie with him again, i'm gonna ask him "gooly, miss your papah anot ah?"... you die!

Winn said...

hahahah!!!!! agree with GG!

actually asking him 'gooly , miss thaikok or not' is the same too..

Sinkar Advanturer said...

ADA leh??

sei mei!

Gargles said...

3 questions in 1 day for him! - this the real test! get ready la wei.

goolypop said...

why...? why....? Moe yum gung ah....!

Kanak kanak berumur 5 dan ke atas adalah golongan manusia yang amat memerlukan kasih sayang..bukan berita yang menyayatkan hati! - Dr.M.


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