Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do I smell?

We have two single beds in the room.

Gooly always climbs on my bed and do whatever on MY bed.


Yesterday he even wanted to sleep on MY bed. So I said to bugger off in a most motherly way.

He refused and with his eyes shut, he said, "I like your smell on the pillow."

YUCKS! And by that, it's (of course) my motherly way of saying, "AWWWWW~~~"

*sniff sniff armpit* I wonder what he smells of me.


Gargles said...

YUCKS! And by that, it's (of course) my friendly way of saying, "uwekkkkkk....*retching sound* "

goolypop said...

Gargles, thanks! And by that (of course)i mean DENG!!

Winn said...

u is kalatdai meh?

who is kalatdai?!!!! ( ala who is adam king? )

cheh, kopikat !

Sinkar Raknis said...

he says that becos he wanna pee on ur bed jek.. nothing geh..

goolypop said...

win..wah.. adam king promotion 5 yrs ago worrr... U kaki stout ah? Kopi o ka?

goolypop said...

sinkar..acherli i want to ask u long oredi..what is raknis ah. Go google sin..


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