Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hide and See

Yesterday at a party, somebody suggested, "Let's play Hide and See!" (yeah..see who cannot be found.)

Gooly took up the challenge and quickly dashed to find a place to hide.

The way he runs, I must say, is darn cute. Kinda like the Beep Beep Road Runner - the legs scurries while the torso is completely still and stiff. His 100m dash, somehow, to me, has a comical effect.

Meanwhile, the facial expression is a mixture of excitement, apprehension and kancheongness.

This pic only contains a kancheong and worrisome expression.

After a few seconds, I though I had better go after him just in case he takes the task of hiding a little too seriously and we'd have to organise a search party to look for him. By then, kids were already running amok and he was no where to be found.

I stood in the darkness scanning the landscape ala terminator.

And then I heard, "Mom, I am here!"

Oh, there he was, squatting between a shrub and a pool deck chair, looking minuscule-like. Teehee.

He stood up, looking apprehensive. "What if they can't find me here?"

(Boy, they wont find you anywhere cos you are not exactly popular today. With over 10 kids around, they wouldn't even notice you missing. Teehee.)

So I said, "Yeah, it's gonna be tough looking for you. That's a very good hiding place. Even I couldn't find you just now." - just so that he doesn't realise that nobody was actually 'seeking' him.

"Yeah, I am camouflaged, mom."

I nodded in agreement and suggested that I hang around (as an undercover) to inform him when the seeker comes. He was glad cos he was actually pretty afraid of the darkness and the prospect of not being found.

While the kids zoomed pass a zillion times, he finally gave up his crouching position and declared, "They can't find me."

And so I said, "Yeah, you wanna go back in?"

He said, "Sure." And we walked back to join the crowd, hand in hand.

Sometimes we are invisible. And it's kinda alright, cos we watch out for each other. :)


Gargles said...

that's it? the best review you can do for the "party of the year"?? tsk!

next time, i make sure they don't play "hide and see", play "hide taifu (mommy's taifu) and let mommy seek"

goolypop said...

gargles, not let dog sniff and find ah?

Gargles said...

uhm... you can sniff also.. bet it won't take too long for you to seek it since it's so.....uhm....

Sinkar Best Hider said...


both gunipok and mum walk out to join the crowd but the party had already over. While sweeping the floor, the host looks at them surprised, saying 'u guys still here? the party ended like 3 hrs ago!'

tuti said...

there's a lesson in there somewhere.
but who cares huh? lol.

goolypop said...

Raknis Redih,

continuation part 2:

as sinkar came, the host say, "got invite you come meeeaaah?"

goolypop said...

tuti, the lesson is.. wear smelly underwear if you wan to be found..


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