Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bribery dan kisah selanjutnya

I am so bad at doing that. At bribing.

If I were stopped by a traffic police for speeding, the most convincing and yau-ying-doe-sei speech I can deliver is "TAK MUNGKIN!"

TAK MUNGKIN is also applicable for illegal u-turns, dashing red lights and urinating in public.

It's hard for me to utter those three words - "Inchik, boleh settle?"

The same for Gooly. I could never bribe him with sweets, toys and girls. Threaten, yes I can. But bribe.. It's so against my ..can I say principle?

Ok lah, don't say principle. Because tomorrow I may bribe him. (I know me. I am fickle like a sickle. Chui meh?)

Anyways, my abu resorts to bribery whenever the opportunity arises. Yeah, it sounds so wrong. But I think it's an opportunity for her if it allows her to be closer to her grandkids.

And so she said, "Gooly, you go school, Ahma buy toys for you." (after he ponteng half the lessons yesterday.)

And Gooly, the very difficult child said, "No need, Ahma. I don't want toys." Very the chartoe.

Ok, of course I am proud that he can resist such an offer. I was just telling him no more buying toys. And he obeys.

But if he had taken the offer and gone to school, that would have been easier, right?

On a short term basis-lah.

Ok, I take that back. He shouldn't be bribed no matter what. (told you I am fickle-minded).


He is quite a good kid rite? His behavior record previously was sparkly clean rite? Fine, with some crosses and skulls and poison signs here and there. But nothing too kikseiyan rite?


Why does he presently come back from school with tales which end with, "Teacher scolded me. I cried very LOUD." (which actually means he threw a fit, I am sure.)

Son ah son.. I really don't know. Are you causing trouble in school? Or the system is not right for you? How can you demand an apology from your teacher?

Actually, can he?

Hahahhahaha...(that, FYI is a very sad laugh)


tuti said...

mahmeeee i lup you!!!!

ya, totally random comment.
because i no idea how to bribe in a good constructive way too.

Winn said...

I think he sulk bcoz hr misses the swimming pool and ada too...

goolypop said...

tuti, ok, i accept. Dun must accept one.

*pluck l.o.v.e and stuff inside bossom*

goolypop said...

winn, u so panai, let us use ur sink and ask PS pretend ADA lak.

Gargles said...

that is why.. you didn't teach him the art of bribery well enuff..

when the teacher scolds him, he should go "ticher, can settle?"


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