Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last week...

..whilst I was at work at the fire station , I left Gooly at home with my mom and sis. In that 2 hours, he brought the house down with his cries.

Aiseh.. *rub temples*

Of course he was unsure of himself. The new school. The new house. The new life.

I could understand all these. I empathised even. Hence I was dealing with him with utmost patience and larve....Larve Babeh...Larve......

Here is the thing.. He can be so angelic when he is with me. But behind me.. KNS! Talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in da house.

Anyways, I told him , shouting at family is No No No (Sing:Don't phunk with my heart) and punishments are imminent:

a. I took away his favourite toy.

b. He has to be with me the whole time I am at work at the space craft no matter how tired, bored or sick he is (with me.)

c. We were to cancel the swimming session due the next day.

I took out a calendar and marked an X on the day he misbehaved. I told him I will warrant a star on the other days he shows no temper. And with three stars collected, I will return his toy. And with 5 stars, we will go on a special outing (like Bak Kut Teh with Sinkar swimming at the club).

He readily accepted his punishments. I know he was really sorry for losing 'it'. He needed help in controlling his frustrations. And I gave him some tips. In fact he was crying so pitifully while holding our necklace, asking me not to be angry with him.

Actually I wasn't that angry. Disappointed, yes. And he knew it. It broke his heart more that I didn't yell at him, it seems.

Two days ago, he had already achieved his 3 star status, and happily received his toy by his side. I was happy with him too cos I had placed the toy in a drawer which is not too high for him to open. But he knew he wasn't supposed to reach for the forbidden toy. *proud*

With five stars today, he is officially off his probation period. He need not stay with me at the science lab anymore. To make it more challenging, I inserted a kid lingo. I told him he is at LEVEL 2 now. Just like the video games he plays.. He has accomplished Level 1. His eyes brighten and he optimistically accepted the challenge.

*bite nails* I will tell u how he fares tomorrow.



Winn said...

Shld let his por por or cousin mark the calendar . Keep the liquid paper!!!

Gargles said...

fire station, space craft, science lab.. hmmm.. *rub chin* you must be a janitor.

tuti said...

lol at gargles' comment. so jialat all your fansi here, hahaha.

your boy very matured for his age. can feel so bad for disappointing you and hold necklace contemplate somemore. you must be doing some thing right lah.

Stalin Sinkar said...

5 words:

chao akua dictator!

goolypop said...

winn, the cousin can only draw wiggly lines like worms. The porpor leh...

..can wakfu onli.


The liquid paper keep cos scared he drink ah?

goolypop said...


*finger on chin* oh well, as Superheroes, we are needed everywhere. Who knows, one day you will see me in the market you go everyday.

Peeerchewwww~ (fly off)

goolypop said...

tuti, u supposed to bash her up lol happily pulak.

Doing something right ah... yesterday I makan durian ..that is soooo right, i tell ya!

goolypop said...

Comrade Sinkar,

You don't find such determined and powerful choa aqua in the world of cartoon. Appreciate me.


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