Friday, January 22, 2010

Lepak @ school

Not really.. I usually bring him up to his classroom and hurry back home. But there are some occasions that I bump into a mom or two and a conversation ensued.

Trust me. You can almost predict the flow of the conversation.

It always starts with, "How do you find the school?" which actually means, "Do you have any complaints to share?"

Then there are some updates about other schools or centres; about their new curiculum or programs. *yawn*

And then, of course, they have to warn you about the impending doom of your child upon entering Standard One.

I have an innate ability to carry a conversation, especially with strangers. I gasp and laugh at punchlines. When I am really in a good mood, I can even be suggestive (they should install mosquito nets).

But seriously, I just wanna go home and .... on msn or... eat lunch.

Like, seriously, mothers have nothing better to do ah? (sending the kids off is one thing, talkok with other mothers is another, ok??)


Winn said...

it's time for gooly to mark ur calendar!!!!

goolypop said...

winn, hai mai wak jek LARVE jek?

Gargles said...

you can't wait to go home and chat on msn asking other mothers "how's school for your kid" (or rather, any complaints?), updating on other curriculums and programs and inquiring all the whims about pri 1...

seriously.. you should go to passat more often.

Winn said...

Wak three lll

goolypop said...

gargles, yeah.. i ask u then i laugh loud loud (at you) lorr..

go passat buy lormaikai ah..

goolypop said...


- yi

= err

lll san ?

tuti said...

i is like you, no like to socialize outside. depends on who lah. but mostly i am like a recluse.

goolypop said...

tuti, recluse sounds skinny.....hehehe.

tuti said...

haha, fat recluse then!

reanaclaire said...

i no time to lepak in school... normally i go fetch girl right after the bell ring.. but like that no good, u know.. it is good to lepak among other mothers so that u know what's happening.. which teacher no good, which one is giving tuition outside, when is test, which mum go fight with teacher... and which student went missing etc etc...etc..

Sinkar Raknis said...

i also same lah. dun like to lepak at school. waste time only. but got 1 day i try to leave, the teacher says 'sinkar, where are you going? come back inside and finish this workbook or you call your parents to come and see me tomorrow..'

teachers demn no fun i tell u..

goolypop said...

claire, if i wanna know, i wanna know if the teacher is married, have how many kids, if the headmaster is gay, and the brand of toilet paper they use in school. Heheheh!

goolypop said...

sinkar raknis,

last time me also dun like to lepak. then i heard, "Ticher, where u going lah?"


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