Saturday, January 30, 2010


In my line of duty as a consultant as a cashier cum fly swatter for the past 3 weeks, I have met more eccentric people than I have whilst in Bangkok. Then again, my experience before is incomparable as I had very minimal contact with homosapiens then. (Ada is an angel, mind you.)

One day, an old man commented, "Your father must be very rich to open a shop like that for you to jaga.."

"You mean my sugar daddy?" was at the tip of my tongue. At the tip...they weren't lashed out as I believe in respecting even senile old men.

And then another lady asked, "This shop is to earn profit or you open so that people can buy from you wan?"




"Actually this shop is for sacrificial ceremonies to honour MJ." Should I have answered that?

I don't comprehendo how Gooly who is 5 yrs old makes better conversations than these weirdz.

"How is business, mom?

"Oh.. don't worry. I think tomorrow you will have more customers."

"What are you going to do today when there is no customers? You gonna sit around? Ok, I will come later, ok?"

See? Gooly doesn't give me palpitations* when he talks.

(Only applicable when talking about business.)


rainbow angeles said...

mana your shop? i go porng chan...

goolypop said...

angeles, acherli not my shop lah.. nanti i habak kat mana k?

Gargles said...

ahsum, today chicken how much a kilo? i want chicken breast 1 piece.


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