Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One shoe

Many years ago, somebody pissed me off. Well, actually he didn't. I think I was more bored than pissed.

So I took one side of his shoes and threw it in the bin on the 7th floor. We were living on the 13th.

I took one, so he would put on one side of the shoe and waste ten minutes or so of his life wondering where the heckaroo is the other side.

I took one, so his head would be muddled as to why on earth a thief would only steal one side of his shoes.

I didn't take both cos it's so lame and boring to have your shoes stolen. Instead, losing just one side of your shoes is more excruciating and frustrating.

You agree?


sinkar normal said...

omg.. psycho!!

goolypop said...

omg.. cannot be that obvious?

Gargles said...

last time we likey play this game a lot when we were kids. we play this coming party. yay!

goolypop said...

gargles, what party? am i invited? I hope not!


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