Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yesterday at 12.43 outside the classroom

Gooly: *tau tap tap* Mama...

Mama: What....? *impatient*

Gooly: *tears rolling down* Mama... I miss papah...

Mama: I know but you still need to go to school.

Gooly: *bawling* I miss papah! I don't love you anymore!

Mama: *green veins erupting* What is wrong? Why don't you want to go to school?

Gooly: Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I'm tired! I want to go home and rest.

This battle went on for a while. I was so freaking mad I took him home. He kept on saying "My mama is mean! My mama is so mean!"

And I retaliated by saying he was mean too.

Wt... it was like two 5 years old fighting.

I couldn't reason with him.

I didn't know what to say.

I didn't know how to bribe him.

This is all too new for me! We never quite had this problem before!

I was mad, sad, worried, disappointed, murderous. He was mad, sad, angry, crazy!

We got home, and the whole 'world' spoke to him. My mom, my dad, my bro, my sis. And his only response was "NO! My mama is the meanest!"

*Dem PK! Fan guat chye betul!*

I couldn't think straight. There were so many people talking at the same time. I told him, "Let's go somewhere." I was thinking of a place where we could talk. Let him tell me what is wrong with the school, teacher, friends.

OR maybe what is wrong with ME?

We got in the car and he asked me, "Can you sayang me first?"

Oooh.. Gooly. I do sayang you. I do I do I do.

We talked a while. And I suggested that we start all over again. Let's go school again. He agreed.

With his feet entering the classroom, the war between mother and son was declared over. No causalities involved. Just some heartaches. And ear aches.

Today, with numerous cheong-hei reminders, he stepped into the classroom as though yesterday's episode didn't happen.

It is still a mystery why he behaved the way he did yesterday.

Gawd! Please let the mystery be history. No more battles at school!

Tolong! Tolong! I don't want to be seekor gila babi yang melampau yang memakan charsiewpau.


Gargles said...

i read from somewhere that a mother somewhere had the same problem and she solved it by making an exact life sized replica of the daddy in 3D plastic form that has a voice recorder inside which is controlled by a remote controller to play the recorded voice to respond to the son's chats...

(disclaimer: that said pintai mother is not me ah.. but you can also try that tactic la, maybe!)

goolypop said...


if do, do big! I go steal that CHIPMUNK promotion stand at cinema. Straightaway dun miss papah.

Can pinjam ur voice ah? So chipmunk one..

Gargles said...

yuen loi papah looks like a chipmunk... now we know.. easy la then, get the dvd and let gooly watch everyday he misses papah.


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