Friday, January 29, 2010


The one thing I like to watch is Titanic Gooly having his haircut.
I like.. how his whole face would scrunch up as his hair falls mercilessly at his eyes.

I like..his forlorn cum bored to bits look.

I like.. him smiling at me as he caught me smilling at him.

I like.. his short pudgy legs hanging down from the high chair.

I like..the wrap-around apron choking his neck, making him look like a ba-chang.

I like ..him giggling whenever the hairdresser's hand brushes his ears or cheeks ( I know the hairdresser hates this giggling part).

I like.. him laughing like sakai when they use the hairdryer to blow away those wasted hair.


If only haircuts don't cost so much! Seriously....rm16??? Thats 16 packets of nasi lormak!


Gargles said...

doe wah let me cut for him laa..

you want mud style doe moe man tai lok.

tuti said...

you donwan keep long hair for gooly ah? rock star!!

Winn said...

imagine when he's 17...turning 18

wearing his fav lala-jai deep-V T-shirt, and a spider-web cardigan..

sitting at the salon choosing which blonde color to dye for his rebonded waist-length hair...

would the mahmee hold still sits beside gooly and says ' ganbate gooly!!' ?

would the mahmee smiles back when gooly smiles at her - flashing his tongue stud?

goolypop said...

gargles,adam lambert with a dash of Debbie Gibson style u know meh?

goolypop said...

tuti.. i also want. Actually I like coconut..those angmor kia type. But he is very the sweaty so have to be Barf Simpson lor..

goolypop said...

winn..but he is already 45 wor. U discriminate lalajai ah?

Poor u..*look at ps*

k.t.x said...

mana u ambik dia pi potong rambut? i did mine in On-Nut where mary also got her tote which she is using everyday to my barber Pee Neaung is a damn good barber...serious shit. make me so

BoeyJoey said...

U pegi mana cut his hair? me son cut hair at mamak baru rm5. botak head style. less shampoo, less sweat, more style... like beckham... not. hee hee


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