Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What do kids talk about?

The other day, Gooly was in the car chit chatting with his 8 yr old cousin. The topics varied from disgusting food (durian, can you believe it? Kids! Bah! What do they know?) to marriage (Again. Kids! What do they know about sex.. I mean marriage).

I chuckled numerous times eavesdropping listening to the conversation. There were some parts that I nodded in angreement. Unfortunately, there was also a part where my heart was all twisty.

First the funnies:
Cousin: Do you want to get married?

Gooly: Yes, when I grow up, I will get married with a girl and have children. (Ahh.. a very ideal life plan)

Cousin: I am never ever getting married. It's a lot of work. And you will have to kiss your wife. So, you better find one that is not UGLY.

*cricket sound*

Papah: That's a very good advice.

Despite the darting-dagger-stares that I threw at Papah, I admit from a male's perspective, that piece of philosophy is priceless.

And that it came from an 8 year old, my bones were tickled.

Cousin: When are you going back to Bangkok?

Me: Not so soon. We're gonna be around for awhile. Isn't that good?

Gooly: No. I will miss my papah.

*cricket sound*

Gooly: You know? I will miss papah.

I know. And I am sorry.

I have said many many many things to console him. That much I can do. I can't fill up that empty space in his heart.

He starts his day by saying, "I miss papah. Is he coming back today?"

He ends his nights by asking, "When is papah coming back? I miss papah."


We are working on it, k? Give us some time.

Bah! I used to think Mothers could fix everything. Broken hearts and all...Dem.. this task is hard. Can YOU help please?


Gargles said...

the first story: when papah mentioned that priceless advice, is it accompanied with a smiley face or a sad face? smiley face, means you are sock lor. sad face, he's speaking from experience how he wished he knew that before marriage lor. (die die also you would say it's a smiley face..)

2nd story: try super-duper-elephant-brand glue..

goolypop said...

well, since u asked..

his face was kinda proud of himself like dat.. and he finished it with a wink at me.. like, omg, u r so pretty kinda wink.

Haih.. u force me i only reveal jek. Shy doe sei...

Gargles said...

then gooly and his cousin said "STOP FLIRTING, YOU TWO!" and tarlanjan non stop, hai moe?


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