Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Post Bath

When Gooly was a baby, bath time was often filled with bubbles. Pop pop pop!

When he was a little older, he'd bring in loads of toys. "Is this made of wood? Does this work on baderies (batteries)?", he would ask.

Now he asks for his clothes. To be washed in the toilet. Without will find heaps of wet clothings in the basin or on the floor after he finished his water spree.

And I'd wipe him dry in a towel. I rub his head as he charges his bull-head towards me. It's a struggle, I tell ya.

And I'd say, "Lift your armpits up!"

And he'd say,"No! I want my armpits wet!"

And I'd say, "Turn around!"

And he'd say,"No! I don't want to turn around!"

It's a struggle, I tell ya.

Between wanting to piak his buttock and leaving him wet and cold, a smile, however always manages to creep in.

It's a struggle, I tell ya. Frowning and smiling at the same time.

Finally, when I tell him to get dressed, guess it. The reply is, "No, I want to be naked!" And he gives the silliest shriek and runs around the room Tarzan style, flapping his arms around, kinda like a chicken.


At 11.30am, he performs his post-bath ritual.

It's a struggle, I tell ya! (But I am smiling.. )


rainbow angeles said...

haiyo.. i can relate to this... every mandi time is like a challenge.. even to get them to the bathroom oso very the mencabar... hv to 'lure' them with 'waterplay'... after mandi, another chair-len to get 'em dressed... mama hou yeh!!

rainbow angeles said...

hey, why u chain the blog name jor? so 'fall' meh?? dun fall... stand up! giddy-up!

goolypop said...

angeles, u mandi who lah? wooohooo.....

(I know who lah..:P)

goolypop said...

angeles again,

I am lork yi kwai kan.... balik kampung mia leaf maa.

Gargles said...

woohoo! can open laundry shop jor. wang tim wash, wash others' laundry and get paid, isn't tht great?!!

goolypop said...

gargles, dun just suggest like that. Do one detailed report complete with pai graph with forecast sale and revenue.......


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