Saturday, September 5, 2009

This ship called friendship

Before Ada, life is pretty much the same. Same old stuff every day.

After knowing Ada...... oh my! Yes, same old stuff every day but with lots more energy and feelings and zest!

Gooly wakes and asks, "Is Ada waiting for me to go to school?" Meanwhile, Ada wakes and asks, "Is Gooly waiting for me to go to school?"

Both mummies nod their heads and wonder if they will ever get bored of each other.

Look, they go to school together. They come back home together. As soon as they get off the car, they ask permission to play together again. Totally inseparable!

Once, I said NO because......... (I needed to cook, I think). Gooly pulled a long face, looked out the window which faces Ada's block and sighed, "Ada~~~"


When he eats something - nuts or whatever, he always keeps some for her. He would put it in his pocket. At the rendezvous, they run towards each other with Ada shouting his name aloud, and him, "I got something for you, Ada....." It's like they haven't seen each other for years, when in actual fact, they just met half an hour ago.

We, mummies, sometimes shake our heads, roll our eyes.. and smile.

Knowing that he sayang Ada so much lets me know that he has learned life's important stuff - be empathetic, be sympathetic, be happy, be loving, be caring, be sensitive, and most importantly, be himself..

I don't know what cosmic power takes place when two strangers meet and become friends, but I marvel at its formation. It brings so much joy.

I know, cos I have a few pals myself too. *wink wink*

Read more stories about Ada here, here, there, and how we met, here.


Winn said...

reece dim suen?

recce has picked up baking, sewing, gardening, the age of 3 just for gooly. and now he got other lui yaan jor? *sobs*

goolypop said...

Winn, nah..fill this form up.



Ps: she needs to learn cooking leh.. (tolak 75 markah jor)

reanaclaire said...

i tot my son is quick but reading all about ADA, he has to make way for Gooly..
so .. mei loi lai lai, timm tai? ADA fulfils all the kor-li or not?

tuti said...

so sweet hor when they both grow up. sure will remember each other fondly.

goolypop said...

claire..50k.. moe tor moe siew.. Err.. we not discussing dowry meh? hehehehe.

goolypop said...

tuti, very sweet. Childhood frens are gems. Do you remember any of yours?

tuti said...

remember. but lost touch chor.
memories in the pocket of my heart.

rainbow angeles said...

nxt time i see him, izit ok if i ask him, "gooly, Ada is your gf or reece jek??? pls. think properly... if not, the other one will cry u an ocean..."

wat u think his reaction?? ngek ngek ngek...

goolypop said...

tuti..your heart has a pocket or your pocket contains your heart.. Not that it matters.. hehe..Janji ada heart.

goolypop said...

angeles, he will say, 'i dunno wat you talking about." He says that a lot when cornered, and dun wan to min tui yin saat.. :P

Enid Blyton Sinkar said...

there are also few another ships.

1) ba-ba black ship
2) fish and ship
3) shipsmore
4) ship skin leather
5) ship and dale

goolypop said...

enid sinkar, what about shipmunk, ship poon sang yee, ship joe nah, ship ship hooreh and ship oleng jus.

Gargles said...

hmm... why is it a ship and not a plane? can called friendplane or not? ahh.. those are the ones who fly aeroplane all the time *point at you*

goolypop said...

gargles, plane is for plane janes like you. and also ppl who comPLANES like you also.

(Fr today onwards, I dub our relationship.. i mean relation-plane - a friend-plane. Err.. weird weird dei hoh? Ngam sai nei..)


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