Monday, September 7, 2009

What I learned today

As of now, the schedule for school days is as follows:

7 am- the alarm blares

7.20 am - power breakfast is served

7.45 am - leaves compound for school

8am - 3.30 pm - ji yau woot tung (chats, swims, blogs, walks naked in the apartment , irons, etc. - making it sound like I am very busy)

3.40 pm - reaches home

3.45 - 4.30 pm - my favourite part of the day. He reports to me what he learns in school, sings for me, gossips with me (Today Sonia joins the class. She is pretty. *chuckles*). I ask what he ate for lunch and snacks, and if he poo poo-ed. These are all very important details to me.

4.40 - 6.00 pm - meets Ada downstairs either to swim, run , cycle, feed the fish or play sand.

6.30 pm - dinner. 3 dishes. Burp.

7.30 pm - story time and lotsa cuddles.

8.00 pm - soft breathing and light snores can be heard.

I know later on the 3.45 - 4.30 pm slot will be replaced with 'staring on the ceiling, totally ignoring mom' session.

Yes, that will come later.

And so I am enjoying every bits of it now. Even if I have to do the Hokey Pokey again and again.


You put your left foot in, you put your left foot out..
Do the hokey pookey..pookey? Pokey..pooki?

Dang.. gotta ask him again tommorow. :P


rainbow angeles said...

wow! no afternoon nap liao! gooly hou yeh!

eh, got reece... got ada... now sonia?? at this rate, maybe next time u might hv tonnes of "cucu"... hiak hiak hiak...

Sowing the seeds of love... lalala

rainbow angeles said...

btw, do u feel 'lonely' during your ji yao wut tong time? apa buat today? do u go kopi with ada's mahmee? or khao that lengjai at yr block....?

tuti said...

goolypop looks at ceiling because he is bored very fast, cannot stand repeating things. i remembered that look when he was talking about his science subject or dinosaurs. smart kid lah. signs of genius.
*goes back door collect ang pow for saying good things* kekeke :P

goolypop said...

angeles, dalam nikah ke luar nikah..:P

dia tu mmg farfit, macam mak dia. Miang...hhehehehe

goolypop said...

angeles lagi.. no wor.. acherli time passes quite fast leh. Today i DIY my hair to purplish..that took half a morning jor.

Then liew har peisi.. also another tai poon yat.

So far it's only the second week la. Next mth, i give u report again..see i bored not. If bored, u wan to come teman me ah?

goolypop said...

tuti, nah.. take take..faster go.

(inside angpow got a note: your acting not real.. try again next post)


Gargles said...

now it's the time to go out and change the world. do something for someone. change someone's life. help someone to cross the road..

you can do it. pak sum hau, make the loudest self declaration...


nay, i taught you how to do the stance before as well, do it!

(doe hai liew beisi sorng tit, ha?)

reanaclaire said...

sooner or later can hear plig plag plig plag sound in gooly's apartment.. sam kuet yat.. kau kaki moe?

goolypop said...

gargle, dun recruit cult members here..

(liew mai yi si jung kor yan)

goolypop said...

claire, dilarang menjudi di kawasan ini..

(I like gin rammeee worr)

CY said...

Goolymama. You need to prepare a big bowl. Everyday u wat peisi, put inside the bowl. Very soon, you will break the world record of the-biggest-bowl-of-peisi-by-a-mama. Salute you.

goolypop said... jiau ming wat..

I nvr wat peisi.. I liew peisi. Got difference, u know. Liew is more siman.

heheheeh.( see, i laff also siman)

CY said...

Goolymama:- Correction. The the-biggest-bowl-of-liu-peisi-by-a-
siman-mama award.

Kow tou, salute salute, bow down down to you. :)


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