Monday, September 28, 2009






Have a good day doing your stuff, k?

I love our morning chatters especially when he says stuff like that. *smirk* I donch know why he says stuff like that. But I love it.

Am I repeating myself here? Yes, I am. I am, yes.

Of late I have been calling him Happy Boy.

Let's go, Happy Boy.

Hello, Happy Boy.

Cos he IS a happy boy. All the time.

I love that too.



Superman said...

Hehe. I went to a motivation course last time where it teach us to say Happy Morning instead of Good Morning! He said Happy is better than good only! hehe.

rainbow angeles said...

please ask him to invent some Happy Pill™... i becum first customer.. kasi diskaun wokeh?

tuti said...

hello happy mahmee. he happy becos you give him happy environment and happy air mah. kudos to you lah. and papah of cos.

goolypop said...

happy afternoon superman. There is superman, how come no Happyman?..hmm..

goolypop said...

angeles, dilarang membeli darah.. dada..dadah...Happy Meal boleh.. dial 1800-Mcdong-dong

goolypop said...

tuti.. wahseh! sure got connection with us ah? Maybe becos of Happy meals leh?

Raynebow said...

Yes, Gooly is indeed a happy boy... and tat's infectious too!

goolypop said...

raynebow.. eh, sound like kena poison.. heheh.


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