Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy ?

A few incidents made me smile and happy. Nothing major. Very very minor stuff..but still.. they made me happy.

1. I was at Papah's office the other day. Around noon time, I walked out, intending to buy lunch. It was darn hot, so I decided not to walk too far. Stopped at one of the stalls and bought some chicken wings. Suddenly I felt a shade over me. I looked up and realized that the office lady had brought an umbrella for me. She said, "Lorn!" - HOT! Oh yes, very very hot, please come into the umbrella. She was just shading me, and refused to come under the umbrella. Sigh! When we walked back to the office, I asked for the umbrella and shaded both of us. She was very uncomfortable. Sigh!

2. A teacher let Gooly used her apron because I couldn't get a kiddie-sized one. She has a spare one. And gooly isn't even in her class.

Both cases..they didn't have to. But they did. Such nice people. Actually I take back about the 'minor' stuff. When the heart is involved, nothing is 'minor', kan?

So today, I gave some apples to the some teachers (not Gooly's homeroom teacher though, cos I was a wee bit shy) at school with a note, "Have a nice day!"

People make me happy, and I am just returning the favour to society. It's not that hard, really. Doesn't cost much at all. Just sincerity.

Tomorrow I will make the Guard happy. Kekekekek.


rainbow angeles said...

ngor ping kor leh?

*wait till the sun go down*

hv to tried to pay it backwards instead of forward?

*i waiting behind u*


gooly fuji pingor said...

angeles, u is guard meh? Jung hai yew handsome gor jek....kekekke.

(Jang ju sin.. FUJI apple yau dimwar jek? ;-)

Solution Sinkar said...

there is only 2 ways to make the guard happy:-

1) dressed up as a crook and try to steal something and purposely let him catch you. he will hv a sense of accomplishment and he will be happy.

2) show up naked.

ps: in ur case, let's just stick back to #1. #2 might scared him to death..

tarian bogella said...

solutionist, ok.. no.2 it is...! U got a job at my apartment as guard jor, hai mai, sui kwai?

CY said...

Think u r slowly getting the feel of Thailand tarikan, hehe. Now u know y most ppl like it here right?

Winn said...

bribe fun lei gehhhhhhhh

tuti said...

it's the little things that warm the heart. most definitely.

Gargles said...

1. she doesn't want to go under the umbrella becoz you took up the whole space laaa.

2. err....

Crazily in love said...

Cy, not speed train. Oi tou mood fatt tong!

Righteious Gooly said...

winn, bride ? Apa tu bribe? Not in my dictionary.. :P

finding excuse said...

Tuti.. i am so warm, thats why need to bogel..

yau sum ng par chi said...

gargles, its those CORNETO ice cream mega huge umbrella worrrr.. How can?

Err... now only i realised there are comments here..which i havent replied.


Gargles said...

no wonder i errr there.

shows that your reply is unimportant coz i also forget you hadn't reply. and i had to go back in time to see what i commented only i know what your reply to my komen meant.


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