Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Random Jobs

When I swim, my head goes underwater, and 1001 thoughts flash before my eyes.

For example..

I thought about security guards. And if any of them had silently wished that some major catastrophe happens during their shift just so that they know.. don't feel so bored.

Adventurous stuff like.. an anaconda slithering into a chicken coop.

Or..spooky stuff like.. hell, I don't want to think about it. And YOU don't have to tell me about it either.


And then they have stories to blog, instead of sitting all night, wondering if they should pee at 3 am or 3.02 am. Boring..boring.

Speaking of boring-ness, which is the world's most boring job? A toll collector? Or a lift-presser? I kid you not.. there is/was such a job. Remember Asia Jaya? We used to go there for bowling cum longkang sessions. And in the lift, there was a man, who sat on a stool whose job was to press the buttons of the lift which comprised of number 1 - 6 for all patrons.

And he spoke good English! "Which floor? Bowling is on the 6th.." though his voice was kinda dreamy and robotic.


What else?

Clowns! Why would anyone want to be clowns? Ronald, can you tell me?

Does your mom tell you that RED and YELLOW don't match?

And what's with the curly frizzy hair?

And the sausaged lips?

And the gargantuan shoes?

And the horrid looking bulbous nose?

Can't you just twist balloons and make flowers disappear without the clownish make-up?

Seriously.. kids get scared, you know. Geesh!

Ok, ok.. fine. I get scared.

Clowns and chicken breast meat. Blek. Me no like.

Am I random or are you wearing a condom? Not that it matters.


rainbow angeles said...

meh si meh si? u oso need GPS ah?

reanaclaire said...

one thing that matters is that u have changed to a larger font! thanks so much, i kept quiet all these while.. silently wishing the wordings can be bigger so that i dont have to go nearer... :)

random post? mine .. random comment!

CSI Sinkar said...

there was this guy like you who thinks alot when he swims. whenever he submerge, his thought will wanders to all aspects, politic, economics, social, news, everything.

20 minutes later they found his body under the pool.

goolypop said...

angeles, ngau si.

Oi sik mou? :P

goolypop said...

Claire..haha..say ma earlier! I also had trouble reading.. kakaakka

goolypop said...

CSI, he forgot to bring his rubber ducky float ah?

Gargles said...

Eh, I thought I saw someone posting a picture of someone with yellow socks & red shoes in FB not so long ago? now i know where he got the inspiration from.

speaking of which, do u know of the story where mccurry in kl won the legal suit with mcd?

which btw, do you know my hometown serves the best curry mee ever? bet you don't, but dun ask me to bring you there to eat, becoz they retired jor lor..

condom reminds me of that story where an auntie tied her hair with a used one. heard of that story before?


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