Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mari Main Bersama Gooly - Comments fixed

Gooly has many female friends. Not intentional. But believe me, the ratio between boys and girls is so unbalanced. Finding boys to play is really hard. Finding boys who speak English...haih.. It's like finding Nemo in a swamp.

Oh, I am talking about my apartment here. When he goes to school, I am sure it will be better.

So, he plays with girls. And on numerous occasions, I have been told by parents that he is gentle and non-violent and that he behaves like a perfect gentleman.

Oh, how do boys play? I asked. Cos ..

1. I am not a boy

2. There aren't many boy samples around.

So I don't know how boys play. I only heard about rough and tough, tumble and fall.

Heck.. I don't even know how girls play. I think I have simply forgotten how to play. My idea of play involves:

a. a ball
b. some paints and paper
c. feet
d. hand
e. and your other body parts

So anyway.. Ada came over the other day. I don't think I was a good host. I didn't organize any games. But I don't think they needed any assistance. They went on an imaginary boat ride, hunted some monsters and drew some pictures.

Then they went downstairs and ran in circles.

The fun they had was not gender-based, I realized. There were not stereotyped games like princesses or sword fighting.

And what was most important was the kindness they shared for each other. When Gooly drew a car which resembled a snake, Ada said, "Very nice!"

And when Ada hatched some eggs, Gooly helped to feed her chicks, without scoffing the idea of 'sissy-ness'. He layan-ed her to be nice.

They spent the whole afternoon together. No bickering.. no fighting.. no tears. When Ada's mom came to pick her up, she suggested that Gooly goes over to their place. It's my turn to have a few hours sans the kids, she said. :-)

Choosing the right friends is so important. I found a good friend and Gooly has his, all within the same vicinity. Perrfect!


reanaclaire said...

Goolymama, what is "sans the kids?" mean? yat tau moe sui... is that thai language?

rainbow angeles said...

be prepared for a ladies' man in the making.. iLike!

goolypop said...

claire, sans means without .. Snakespears liked to use wan.. (i think)

so sans the kids means without the kids.

sila bayar yuran :)

goolypop said...

angeles, mou nei fan.. he only goes for kategori umur 4 dan ke bawah..



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